Army launches digital hub to transform food services for soldiers

Image by: D. Garry Fox / MOD Crown.

The Army has launched a new Army EATS digital hub during Healthy Eating Week that will enable a conversation with Soldiers to modernize the way they access food and beverage services in the future.

The Army EATS hub, hosted on the Army’s corporate social network Defense Connect, supports a communication forum for soldiers to increase their nutritional knowledge and enable them to contribute to the discussion on how the modern soldier wants his food services to be provided. The launch comes during Healthy Eating Week, a national event hosted by the British Nutrition Foundation from June 14-18. This year’s theme is ‘Find Yourself Healthier’ and the new center has fully embraced it by providing a wealth of information, interactive resources and online activities throughout the week and on. to come up.

Staff Sergeant Guy Lowe-Barrow, chief instructor with the Grantham-based 167th RLC Restoration Support Regiment, understands the importance of healthy meals for soldiers. “Our meal choices over time influence our fitness and well-being; they can help optimize performance and maintain our sanity or have the opposite effect.

“As an army chief it can be difficult to provide nutritious meals, such as during exercises or operations where the basic stables of the British diet may not be so readily available. and meet the needs of the environment. As a chef this means that I’m constantly on the lookout for different ways to ensure meals are vibrant and a mix of modern with a few old favorites as well, but that I can help shape the future of my profession and give a choice that meets their dietary needs and lifestyle is very rewarding for the troops.

What is Army EATS (Exploring the Appetite of Today’s Soldiers)?

The digital hub is part of the Army EATS (Exploring the Appetite of Today’s Soldiers) program, which launched in January and examines how food and beverage services are provided for the entire military. The Army EATS ethic is about helping soldiers make healthier, more informed choices and works alongside industry partners Aramark, ESS and Sodexo.

Colonel Jason Phillips, part of the team leading the Army EATS program, said: “As times change, we must invest and evolve our offering to ensure inclusiveness for all generations who access and consume its services. Army EATS Messing is our commitment to providing a culinary and social experience that is relevant, nutritious and supportive of modern lifestyles.

Transforming Army Catering

Army EATS has made great strides as a relatively new initiative, spurred by the appointment of Army Messing Lawyer Major-General David Eastman MBE, whose mandate is to review nutrition, cuisine in individual housing and infrastructure. One of the first tasks was to conduct an army-wide survey that gathered over 9,000 responses from troops on what they want to see in the future. Based on the survey, mess trials will take place at six sites across the UK in the fall. The investigation and testing will inform the contract requirements for the next round of catering services contracts.

Other transformational changes are also underway, including the provision of more than 2,290 kitchenettes and prep rooms in the single-family housing complex and the upgrading of 26 facilities in the Allenby / Connaught (PAC) project areas. PAC is a 35 year commitment to provide modern, high quality, fully equipped and specially designed living and working accommodation for thousands of soldiers across Aldershot and Salisbury Plain.

Improved experience for the army of tomorrow

With the success of the Healthy Soldier Cookbook in 2020, the military knows that even the smallest change can bring great results. Army EATS aims to collaborate, innovate and invest; with the influence of today’s soldiers, it will ensure a legacy of enhanced experience for the army of tomorrow.

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