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The postal voting system works

Lately, the Coloradans have benefited from an excellent postal voting system. A few weeks before polling day, your ballot is mailed to you, with instructions, polling questions, amendments, and candidates for each station to vote on in your constituency. If you don’t receive your ballot on the promised day, call your county courthouse to find out how to receive your mail. If you have low vision, blindness, or other disabilities, a trusted friend or relative can help. If you don’t score correctly, you can get a replacement ballot. Each ballot has its unique identification number at the top. No one can vote twice. You can also insert your ballot into a drop box or deliver it to a designated election site.

All my friends and acquaintances love this system. We want the right to vote for everyone over 18, regardless of political differences. This is how our democracy works. No more driving on icy roads, standing in line, being exposed to illnesses, dealing with restless kids, juggling time to vote without losing a job or job, or risking voter intimidation .

To require people to mail for their ballots or to allow fewer days to vote is not sincere. We can have the suppression of voters or our full rights. You can’t have both.

Deborah Stucklen

Land of love

What does the pie look like for everyone

Today, it is worse than democratic dialogue, it is straight socialism heading towards totalitarianism. Democrats are rotting and dividing our nation. This is not what I want for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. And you?

The following is from a poem purported to have been placed on the Congressional Register by Representative Clarence J. Brown following President Truman’s “Cake for Everyone” speech on November 3, 1949. It is a perfect example of our nation’s current situation with the United States National Debt Clock showing nearly $ 28 trillion ($ 28,000,000,000,000) in debt and over $ 87,000 per person. And, as my young niece once said with her head down and in a sad voice, “But I only have $ 23.”

Father, should I go to work?

No, my lucky son.

Now living on Easy Street

On Washington dough.

We left it to Uncle Sam,

So, don’t exercise.

Nobody cares –

We have all been subsidized.

But if Sam treats us all so well

And feed us with milk and honey,

Please daddy tell me what is it

Is he going to use it for money?

Don’t worry, bub, there ain’t no problem

In this noble plan here –

He just soaks the dirty rich

And help the common man.

But, father, won’t there be a moment

When they run out of money

And we didn’t leave them a dime

When are things going to crash?

My faith in you is diminishing, son,

You curious little kid;

You think too much, son,

Be a Democrat.

Dan King

Land of love

Biden’s executive decree is appalling

Biden just signed an executive order for the United States to help fund abortions around the world. While I am not surprised that he does this, I am appalled.

It’s wrong on so many levels. Let’s start by promoting the murder of the most innocent of human beings: children. These yet unborn children have no way to protect themselves, no way to oppose their lives being stifled when they are just beginning. It is nothing more than infanticide.

What kind of man does that?

Let us turn to the issue of US funding for abortions when many of our own citizens are in need. If our government has money to promote murder in other countries, why does it not have money to help our veterans, our seniors, our marginalized citizens? Why does he have no money to feed the children who go to bed at night crying because they are hungry?

What kind of man does that?

America, wake up! We have unleashed an unprincipled, unscrupulous and unfair monster.

Robert choate

Land of love

Our regional airport is a gem

The smooth journey with United Airlines from the Northern Colorado Regional Airport to Denver International Airport is another example of the outstanding work of Airport Manager Jason Licon and his staff (check

This “small airport” contributes more than $ 160 million to the Loveland-Fort Collins area at no cost to taxpayers (CDOT’s Economic Impact of Airports 2020 report). The North Colorado Regional Airport is one of those “sleepy little airports” of the type identified by William Garvey (editor of Business & Commercial Aviation for Aviation Week) for his contribution as an aviation hub. general and business. County commissioners across the country have recognized the economic appeal of these airports.

The real question is, do the communities of Fort Collins-Loveland appreciate this gem in their backyards?

Bob middleton

Fort collins

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