Friendly service – Yahalava Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:47:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Friendly service – Yahalava 32 32 Whit’s Frozen Custard aims for new Centerville opening schedule Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:39:07 +0000

“The process took longer than we had hoped,” said Neace, a US Army veteran and University of Dayton graduate who originally aimed to open this summer.

Whit’s franchise “is a great reuse of what used to be an eyesore,” said Michael Norton-Smith, director of development at Centerville.

Township of Washington. Jeffrey Neace, a resident, is redeveloping the former vacant gas station at 199 N. Main St. into a community gathering place with ample outdoor space and a vintage feel. NICK BLIZZARD / STAFF



“Jeff has been very motivated and excited to bring this location up and running,” he added. “We are delighted that this type of use is in Uptown. “

Last week, the city’s planning commission passed some changes. Once final approvals were obtained, Neace said it expected “a wave of activity”.

Neace said Centerville Whit’s will have “a modern retro feel” in an effort to “make it very family friendly”.

The site is within a mile and a half of about 6,000 students from Centerville public and private schools, he said.


Neace has secured a franchise from the Granville-based company with over 30 Ohio locations, almost all in small towns.

The closest locations are in Lebanon, Trenton and Washington Court House, the company’s website says.

The menu offers a variety of treats, hot dogs, sandwiches and chili, as well as sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options, according to Whit’s website.

Whit’s Frozen Custard debuted in 2003 in Granville, northeast of Columbus. In addition to its locations in Ohio, it has locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

To explorePOPULAR: Popular Dayton Oregon District Restaurant Plans Uptown Centerville Spot

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AT&T asks Skowhegan for temporary spot on city grounds, but officials reject ‘unusual’ request Thu, 10 Jun 2021 19:14:00 +0000

SKOWHEGAN – Local authorities are torn by a proposal to allow communications company AT&T to set up a temporary booth on city property during the summer months.

The board considered the proposal on Tuesday, ultimately voting against the idea after a majority cited that an unusual precedent could be set and how other companies would be disadvantaged. AT&T has requested to use two parking spaces next to the Chamber of Commerce building at 23 Commercial Street for a temporary stand.

“I think we are perhaps setting a very unusual precedent,” said Managing Director Christine Almand. “I don’t know of any other towns or cities that allow businesses to set up parking spaces on their public property. I suggested they would be better suited in a private property situation.

But some board members were divided on the issue.

Selectmen Todd Smith and Charles Robbins were in favor of the app, citing that Skowhegan is known to be business-friendly.

“I’m afraid there are other companies looking at this and referring to it and saying ‘maybe we’re not wanted here,'” Smith said. “Maybe AT&T is looking for the vibe of the city, maybe they’re interested in the Run of River project… I’m not going to try to guess what they think, but I think it is. a business that is considering relocating to our city and we’re basically saying you’re too big, rent a space.

Jason Gayne, executive director of the Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce, told the meeting that AT&T Mobility is looking to set up a temporary store during the summer months to gain customers and is eventually considering a storefront.

Gayne added that the parking spaces that would be impacted are on the Chamber of Commerce / Visitor Center side and would be used by AT&T on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in June, July, August and September. In total, the company would occupy the space for up to 42 days, he said.

“What they’re trying to do is get customers first because (AT&T) is unknown in this area when it comes to service,” Gayne said. “And then, as they gain customers, they want to have a retail store in the community. It’s a way of getting them to get clients and letting people know they’re in the area.

Additionally, AT&T offered free Wi-Fi for people downtown during the summer months. Doing this, he said, would encourage tourists to stop in town to access the wifi signal, which could potentially increase sales for local businesses.

But President Paul York has expressed concern over allowing this, saying it could set a precedent for others trying to start a new business “to see if it will work and take off.”

He added that it might give others the idea to approach the city, “ask us to sit in the parking lot for free all summer to see if their business is going to take off because their game plan is to get going. a store front. “

“I don’t really see a difference in having someone else do this versus (AT&T) to approve it,” York said.

Selectwoman Betty Austin also objected to the idea, saying that a company as large as AT&T should consider renting a storefront instead.

“It’s a big company that could afford to rent a spot,” Austin said. “We have a few small storefronts downtown that they could rent out. I just think if they really wanted to do that, they could rent a spot. It’s a pretty big business. I don’t know why they can’t rent somewhere; it’s not like AT&T can’t afford to lease.

Almand also said the company’s request for parades and processions may not be the appropriate way to review such a plan and encouraged elected officials to work with the planning board to develop an ordinance. more concise.

“I am very supportive and I appreciate all the businesses that exist in our city; they all do the hard work it takes to build a strong business that we can all support, which includes some business expenses, ”Almand said. “I think it’s very unusual to be able to use city property, paid for by taxpayers, for free to do business. “

She also suggested accommodating them at the Skowhegan Welcome and Business Center, but after inquiring, she was told AT&T would only have two weeks there.

“It could also be a disadvantage for their competitors who are already there,” Almand said. “Most businesses have expenses when they start up that include renting, owning a property, or subletting another property for a lower amount for a short-term solution to determine if they can or no try it. “

Gayne added that if the city is trying to be more business-friendly, allowing a company like AT&T to come in, potentially gaining customers and potentially becoming a taxpayer is something the city should be open to.

“We’re trying to become a more business-friendly community,” Gayne said. “If you don’t have clients and it’s a big expense, let’s give them a chance to try, see if they can win anything, get them to open up and become a taxpayer in a community. business friendly. “

In addition, Gayne said, there is no order against this type of operation.

“If you think this is going to become a problem, maybe a prescription needs to be taken, but we’re trying to do everything according to the rules,” Gayne said. “It’s a real opportunity for them to come to town and I don’t see that as a bad advantage. It’s giving businesses an opportunity.

Verizon Wireless, a competitor, is a member of the Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as AT&T.

In the end, the article was not passed, with Smith and Robbins in favor and York, Austin and Staples against.

Use the form below to reset your password. When you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.


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French striker Giroud complains about lack of service despite showing two goals Wed, 09 Jun 2021 22:56:04 +0000

The Chelsea man appeared to call Kylian Mbappe for being too selfish as the Blues recorded a win in their last Euro warm-up game

Olivier Giroud complained about a lack of service from his teammates after he scored two goals in France’s 3-0 win over Bulgaria on Wednesday night.

Karim Benzema having been forced to stop at the end of the first period due to a blow to the thigh, his compatriot Giroud found the net twice in the second half to seal the victory in his last friendly match before the Euro.

Still, Giroud believes he could have had more than just a double overnight if his compatriots had made better and more effective decisions in the attack phases.

What was said?

“I was a little calm because sometimes I do races and the deep balls are not there,” said Giroud. the team After the game.

“I’m not saying that I always do the best runs, but I always try to offer solutions in the box.

“With two good balls provided by Ben [Pavard] and Wissam [Ben Yedder] I finished well, but we could have scored more goals if we had been more efficient.

Didier tries to defuse

Many have sought to question whether Giroud is calling Kylian Mbappe for being too individualistic with the ball rather than playing for the team, but coach Didier Deschamps intervened quickly to defuse the situation.

“It’s always the same thing,” said the boss of France at a press conference. “The attacker will say, ‘I’m doing runs, but it’s in midfield to get supplies.’ Then the midfielders will say it’s the attackers’ fault.

“Sometimes, yes, the pass isn’t available, but sometimes it’s a matter of individual movement. But that’s not a review of Kylian or anyone else.

“I also spoke to Kylian at halftime,” added Deschamps. “Olivier does not have the same profile as Karim, he is more of a target man, a pivot. In the first half, the three (Benzema, Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann) could exchange and find themselves in any zone.

“After that, if they choose to do an individual action when they could have passed, it’s the game that forces them to do it. It is up to them to choose.

The Objective view

David Hernandez from France goal says: “Mbappe was forced to move a little more to the left after Benzema came out and can, as he sometimes does at PSG, cause irritation by performing some wide actions that are too individual.

“We knew that with the offensive potential present in this group, there would inevitably be disappointments. We just didn’t think egos could be affected so quickly when the euros hadn’t even started yet … “

Further reading

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USA vs Costa Rica (6/9/2021): Time, TV channel, live stream for international soccer friendly Wed, 09 Jun 2021 09:03:49 +0000

The United States Men’s National Team stops in Costa Rica for an international friendly soccer match at Rio Tinto Stadium on Wednesday, June 9 (6/9/2021).

USA vs Costa Rica will air on ESPN2 and in Spanish on TUDN, which can be streamed live on fuboTV, Sling, AT&T TV and other live television services.

The US men’s team is flying high after beating Mexico 3-2 in the CONCACAF Nations League final to win their first-ever Nations League trophy.

This friendly is a brief hiatus before USMNT plunges headlong into the CONCACAF Gold Cup in July, and a final opportunity to polish the roster and assess the players ahead of the tournament that will determine the continental champion.

Here’s what you need to know to sign in:

Who: United States vs. Costa Rica

What: International Football Friendly

When: Wednesday 9 June 2021

Or: Rio Tinto Stadium, Costa Rica

Time: 7 p.m. ET


Channel search: Verizon Fios, AT&T TV, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum / Charter, Optimum / Altice, Coxswain, DIRECTV, Dish.

Direct*: fuboTV, Sling, AT&T TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV

What is fuboTV?

FuboTV is a live Internet TV streaming service that offers more than 100 channels, such as NFL Network, NBA TV, PAC 12 Networks and news, entertainment and local channels beyond. It also offers DVR storage space and is designed for people who want to cut the cord but don’t want to miss their live TV and favorite sports.

It also has its own fubo sports network, offering original programming and a selection of exclusive live sporting events.

FuboTV is accessible on Amazon fire, Apple, Android, Chromecast, Roku and Apple tv.

How much does fuboTV cost?

The cheapest option is the family plan at $ 64.99 per month which includes 120 channels, 250 hours of DVR space, and can be used on three screens at once.

the Elite fubo package is $ 79.99 per month and offers over 170 channels, including Showtime channels, additional sports channels, and additional news and entertainment channels.

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Founders must show investors that sustainability is more than lip service – TechCrunch Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:53:14 +0000

Ending years of debates over environmental sustainability, the United States has officially declared climate crisis earlier this year, viewing climate considerations as an “essential element” of foreign policy and national security. After re-engaging the United States in the Paris Agreement, President Joseph R. Biden announced a new aggressive lens to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and pushed world leaders to collectively “intensify” their fight against climate change.

At the same time, consumers are more and more looking to do business with brands that align with their growing environmental values, rather than ignoring the climatic consequences of their consumption. Even without regulation like a stick, consumer demand is now serving as a carrot to increase the impact of sustainability on SOE programs.

Startups have already followed suit. Investors today see sustainability as an important pillar of any business model and look for entrepreneurs who “get it” from the start to create and grow next-generation businesses. Startups interested in thriving cannot see sustainability as an afterthought and must be prepared to present themselves to the public with a plan for sustainable growth.

Today, businesses of all sizes are held to higher standards by consumers, employees, potential partners and the media.

So what exactly do founders need to put in place to demonstrate that they are on the right track when it comes to sustainability? Here are five attributes that investors are looking for.

1. A truly customer-centric feedback loop

It’s easy enough for any business to pretend they understand customer wants and needs, but having the technology stack in place to prove that a business actually listens to customer feedback and meets those expectations is difficult. .

Investors now expect startups to have both platforms and solutions – social listening channels, relationship management tools, survey programs, and review forums – that allow them to hear and act on the needs of their customers. Without the right communication tools and the people who use them, your environmental efforts will likely seem like lip service.

Take the example of TemperPack, which manufactures recyclable insulated packaging solutions for cold and perishable food and pharmaceutical shipments. The direct relationship between a packager like TemperPack and the end consumer is often invisible. But while we were looking to invest in the business, some of its clients in the life sciences industry shared with us feedback they had received from end users, people who were given medication twice a day. Packaging from another supplier required them to go to a recycler for disposal, a real problem that made them consider switching to another drug.

Revolution Growth decided to add TemperPack as a portfolio company after seeing firsthand the feedback loop of its customers in action: end user demands informed product development, proving both a market need and a customer demand on the sustainability front. This first-hand example shows how an investor, packaging manufacturer, life science company, and end user are now interconnected in a single relationship, while also highlighting how end user feedback can connect the dots for the development of sustainable products.

2. Public commitment to sustainability goals

Over the past few years, we’ve seen millennials and Gen Z consumers demand transparency in sustainability efforts. As the purchasing power of these generations increases, investors are looking for startups that make their commitments to green goals as transparent as possible to meet the needs of savvy consumers.

For many VCs, making public commitments to sustainability goals is a sign that your startup is striving to become a next-gen business. Investors will seek thoughtful goals, with a clear understanding of where your business will have agency and influence, and which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). They will also await regular reports on progress.

While a company’s management sets these goals, its board must play a behind-the-scenes role in advancing the goals, keeping leadership on track, and setting the rules of the game so that leaders understand they are. are evaluated on criteria transcending positive EBIDTA.

Taking these steps will ensure that the goals are responsible and ambitious while holding the company accountable to consumers and stakeholders to carry the initiatives through.

3. Goal-oriented culture

Even the best-defined sustainability goals will not be achieved without a strong culture designed to ensure leadership and employee alignment. Sustainability has to be embedded in a startup’s culture – top to bottom and bottom to top – and there’s a lot at stake if that’s not the case.

Another company in the Revolution Growth portfolio, the global startup that is revolutionizing financial technologies Tala, shows how start-ups can imbue their culture with goal-oriented values. While Tala’s mission is to provide credit to the unbanked, the company believes that the best interests of the consumer should always come first. During the holiday season of 2019, Tala contrasted with the companies that fuel consumption by instead urging customers in Kenya to do not take out loans, shielding them from predatory unregulated lenders amid a lack of functioning credit bureaus and loan stacking databases. This forward-looking approach ultimately protected Tala’s clients and its vibrant digital lending industry.

Beyond determining what they represent, many of our portfolio companies face challenges in recruiting talent. People have a choice of where they want to work, and those with intrinsic motivations – such as concerns about the environment – will feel uncomfortable if their employers don’t share their values. Regulatory risks and client attrition are paltry compared to the human cost of losing star artists who seek other work cultures that better match their values.

A clear value system must integrate sustainable development into the decision-making process, impose obvious imperatives and empower employees to carry them out.

4. Liability

Companies are not only judged on their own initiatives, they are also judged by their partners. As startups establish new relationships or grow to work with new suppliers, investors will want to know that these external parties are aligning with their stated sustainability philosophies.

Before publicly getting involved with another company, a startup should assess the reputation of each new supplier, including information about their employment practices. Take the first quick and relaxed Mediterranean restaurant It’s okay or healthy salad-centric chain Soft green, two companies in the Revolution Growth portfolio; neither will source protein from farms with inhumane policies. If businesses aren’t aware of these factors, their customers will eventually let them know and likely hold them accountable for the oversight.

Think of it this way: If a diagram of your partnerships and supplier relationships were printed on the front page of The New York Times, would you be comfortable with what it is showing to the world? Today, businesses of all sizes are held to higher standards by consumers, employees, potential partners and the media. It is no longer possible to go unnoticed with relationships contrary to a company’s sustainable development objectives. So take a close look at your supplier and partner ecosystem and make it clear that you are bringing your green vision to life with every expansion of your business.

5. Financial realism

Financial realism recognizes that a business may want to do good, but if it doesn’t have the economic means, it won’t survive to make an impact. For most startups, starting with financial realism as a mindset and incrementalism as an approach will be the key to success, enabling all businesses to contribute to a more resilient planet. For startups that prioritize eco-friendly business practices alongside a product or service, this strategy can prevent kindness from becoming the enemy of greatness. Founders in this role can embark on a step-by-step sustainability plan, rather than expecting transformation overnight. Investors understand the delicate balance between striving to achieve green goals and keeping the lights on.

Entrepreneurs looking to build a business that not only adopts eco-friendly practices, but also has sustainability at the heart of its heart, may need to consider jumping into a less sensitive industry or niche market. priced and ready for a solution today. Once that solution is firmly established, the business can build on what it has created, rather than going further with something that doesn’t scale and quickly fails. Without an initial group of customers who appreciate and love what you do, you won’t get the greatest play.

As the public and private sectors continue to grapple with the climate crisis, sustainability will increasingly become a mandate rather than an option, and funding will increasingly flow to startups that have addressed potential environmental concerns. Unfortunately, the pressure on companies to meet sustainability requirements has led to “greenwashing” – the deceptive use of green marketing to persuade consumers that a company’s products, goals and policies are respectful. of the environment.

Greenwashing has forced investors to look beyond words and take action. As we move towards a more sustainable future, startups seeking venture capital funding will need to prove to investors that sustainability is a priority across their organizations, by aligning their awareness, public commitments and cultures. with responsibility and concrete examples of sustainable activities. Even though these examples are just steps towards bigger goals, they will show investors and clients that startups are ready today to contribute to a greener and better future.

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Cobb Launches $ 5 Million Energy Efficient Fleet Repair Building Mon, 07 Jun 2021 22:02:01 +0000

Cobb County Fleet Services Director Al Curtis said the new facility offers more service bays – there are now 18. It also includes a parts department, a service drafting area and an administrative space.

The facility was designed to be “greener” or more energy efficient than traditional repair facilities. It also places more emphasis on repairing electric vehicles.

County commission chairwoman Lisa Cupid said the focus on improving efficiency will save taxpayers in the long run.

“With the amount of technology they have and their ingenuity, we are definitely reducing waste,” Cupid said. “And we are also contributing to our county’s green footprint.”

Curtis said the new building also allows his team to streamline operations, making them safer and faster. Improvements include an oil recycling and recovery system that limits technicians’ contact with corrosive materials.

Technicians can also use laptops at their work terminals to request new parts remotely over a secure network. Before, they had to go to a parts room to place an order for new equipment.

“They don’t leave their posts to go and wait for parts or wait for the next technician,” Curtis said. “It’s transferred electronically to the parts location, where they can fill the order, and then inform the technician electronically that the parts are ready to be picked up. “

Curtis has estimated that new features like this will increase fleet maintenance operations by about 15%.

“It makes us much more efficient. This allows technicians to stay on the job site and at their terminals, getting the job done where they need to be, ”said Curtis. “This will allow us to be able to serve our public safety and the departments that serve citizens. This installation itself will allow us to keep these vehicles on the road. “

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Cell phone tool connects mechanics, customers Mon, 07 Jun 2021 04:00:01 +0000

Why then, Noplos wondered, does a technical advisor explain repairs to a customer and not to the technician?

“We are the only company in the world where the doctor does not speak with the patient,” he said.

Noplos also noticed, back at this Honda service salon, that all of his customers were on their cell phones to purchase items from Amazon and other stores – “yet they can’t approve a tire rotation and pay for it. on their cell phone with me? “

These experiences motivated Noplos, who had spent his entire 14-year career in the automotive industry in retail, finance and insurance, to develop a communication platform for after-sales service. He worked with a team of programmers for about a year before launching iService in mid-2017. The platform offers two-way texting, video inspection, and the ability for customers to approve, deny, fund and pay for recommended repairs, provide reviews, and have vehicles evaluated.

Technicians videotape vehicle inspections to a cell phone, report areas of concern, and send repair recommendations directly to the customer. A customer’s entire service visit “can take place, from cradle to grave, on a cell phone,” Noplos, 41, said.

The tool is now available at approximately 400 dealerships nationwide, with a cost ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month depending on the features used by a dealer. The company guarantees that an after-sales service will see its gross margin increase by at least 20%, or that the dealer’s cost will be reimbursed.

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Six Concepts Every Employee in a Customer-Centric Organization Should Follow Sun, 06 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Customer service is not service. It’s a philosophy. It should be adopted by everyone in an organization, from management to the most recently hired employee. It’s part of the culture, and the culture begins in the C-Suite with leadership defining the vision. Once everyone understands this, employees are aligned, on track to deliver the right experience for the customer, as well as their coworkers.

I had the chance to connect with Jasmyn Haas, Vice President of Customer and Employee Relations at Nozzle, a software and technology company that allows its customers to monitor their water usage, saving water and quite possibly money as well. His organization is very customer service oriented. As she shared her ideas on what it takes to be a true customer service pro, I thought about how they applied to everyone in the organization, not just customer service. That’s why I started with the concept of customer service as a philosophy that is part of the culture. Haas shared six ideas for creating crazy fans and employees. I’ll share each one and follow up with my comments.

1. The voice of the customer is golden: The voice of the customer (VOC) is simply listening to the customer to find out what works, what doesn’t, what they like and what they don’t like. Haas learned early in his career, while managing customer churn, that VOCs are the answer. Combining objective data with subjective feedback is an optimal way to understand the customer. Data lets you know what is working. Customer reviews let you know why.

2. Treat employees the way you want them to treat customers: This is what I called the Golden rule for employees. You cannot treat people one way and expect them to act another way. It’s the old “do what I say, not what I do” approach to leadership that just doesn’t work. Haas says, “If you want happy, satisfied customers, you should start with happy, satisfied employees.

3. Empathy: That seemed to be the word of 2020. If there was ever a time to show empathy and understanding, it was during the height of the pandemic. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the people – the customers and employees are always worried, nervous, upset, scared, etc. For frontline professionals who deal with clients, this is a given. For leaders and managers, it’s equally important to connect on an empathetic level with your employees and team members.

4. Customers judge you from their very first interaction: Hass recounts how her retail store manager took her outside to assess the parking lot, sidewalk and windows. “Everything that comes before the store is a reflection of the store itself,” says Haas. “Keeping things neat, organized and consistent helps give a good first impression. Beyond the first impression of a storefront, it could be a website, how far the customer has traveled to reach someone in customer service, or any other customer’s first interaction with anyone. what aspect of your business. The first impression of any type of interaction sets the tone for what is to follow.

5. Evolution is a must. ABC: Always change: The old adage “The only thing that makes sense is change” comes to mind. Change is happening around us, and it is happening at an accelerating rate. You can’t just watch it. You have to participate in it and embrace it. There is not an industry that does not evolve in one way or another. If everything you do is what you’ve always done, your competition will find ways to outperform you. The company that does not change is considering a potential extinction. Therefore, the employees of the company must also be prepared to change.

6. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation: I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t agree that every customer should walk away with a positive outlook on your business. The way a customer is treated is the foundation of reputation. Reputation is a form of consistency. You know what to expect. You rely on it. When it’s predictable and consistent, you build your reputation from there. The products work as they should. The employees are always knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and they treat customers with respect. When the expectation is consistently met, it becomes a reputation.

My favorite is number two (treat employees the way you want customers to be treated). Going back to the opening paragraph, if you want to create a customer-centric culture, it has to start with leadership. And the way employees are treated by their leaders and managers is what the customer is going to feel. That said, all six deserve to take the time to chat. You will see that it is time well spent.

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Young people in need of mental health support on the Isle of Wight will be able to take advantage of a new digital service that will allow them to access professional online support.

The Kooth online platform is available free of charge to islanders aged 11-25 without the need for a referral and without any thresholds having to be reached. This is because a recent study found a sharp increase in the number of people under the age of 18 with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System has commissioned the new service which provides young people with a secure and confidential way to access online support from a team of trained counselors.

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The service, accredited by the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP), is accessible using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It was commissioned following concerns from general practitioners that young people were not meeting the thresholds for specialist CAMHS services, but still needed additional support.

Data recently released by Kooth in the Pulse report from 2021 – highlighted the impact of Covid-19 on the mental health and well-being of children and young people across the UK.

Users will be able to receive one-on-one, anonymous counseling sessions with fully trained and qualified counselors and emotional wellness practitioners, 365 days a year. Sessions run from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends and can be booked in advance or viewed as instant text chats.

Children and youth will also have access to peer support via pre-moderated discussion forums and will be able to read and contribute to Kooth’s mental health and wellness magazine. Kooth can also be used to keep an online journal and track your wellness via interactive goal tracking. There are no waiting lists or thresholds, so people can use the service once they register.

Dr Clare Harris, Hampshire GCC Child Protection GP, ​​said:

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“As a general practitioner in Hampshire, I am delighted that patients between the ages of 11 and 25 can now access Kooth. The mental health needs of children and youth have increased dramatically in recent years, and the pandemic has exacerbated this situation. It’s great to have such a positive resource to help our patients improve their mental health and well-being.

Dr Lynne Green added:

“We are delighted to announce that Kooth will now be available for people aged 11 to 25 in Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. The pandemic has accelerated the need for additional support services for our young people.

“It is imperative that children receive help at an early stage before their needs escalate, and that they have a place to turn to in times of conflict. We encourage young people to get the most out of the services, whether it’s joining the live chat forms or reading the library of articles, while our friendly team of experienced counselors are here to provide support. when needed.

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Ecological NFTs are pioneers with BLOND: ISH Thu, 03 Jun 2021 19:07:51 +0000

Miami, FL, Jun 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Music producer and performing artist BLOND: ISH launches the first NFT that has no negative environmental consequences. After much debate about the effects and exorbitant energy consumption of Proof of Work blockchains, the artist and activist chose a new platform for the release as part of his advocacy for sustainability.

Digital asset inspired by the Seven Chakras to be launched on Solana’s PoS blockchain

On June 3, the revolutionary Chakratastic NFT series will be the first to launch on Metaplex. The new decentralized NFT marketplace and keystroke platform enables direct community launches for portable and interoperable NFTs. The service also gives creators direct access to sales data, analytics, and automated payments.

Most importantly, the system is built on Solana’s Proof of Stake blockchain in order to bypass pressing environmental issues that plague the most popular blockchain solutions used for NFTs. This has led a series of prominent artists, including BLOND: ISH, to choose the platform for their drops.

“When creating Chakratastic, it was very important to me that the output be managed in an environmentally responsible manner. I am happy to take a step in the right direction by finding a way to participate in the future of NFT that is also sustainable. A true example of innovation taking place before our eyes in real time. – BLOND: ISH

When creating Chakratastic, it was very important to me that the output be managed in an environmentally responsible manner. I am happy to take a step in the right direction by finding a way to participate in the future of NFT that is also sustainable. A true example of innovation taking place before our eyes in real time ”- BLOND: ISH

Chakratasic is inspired by BLOND: ISH’s in-depth exploration of the Seven Chakras and consists of seven musical compositions that correspond to each of the Chakras and an eighth that symbolizes the alignment of all elements. These pieces will feature visual representations designed by KNOWNFOR with the creative direction of BLOND: ISH and in collaboration with the Art Plug collective.

In addition to promoting sustainability, BLOND: ISH’s NFT launch takes digital art even further by creating an immersive experience with evocative reminders of the search for balance and the importance of community. Each chakra will be on display with its own unique smell, taste, sound and feel at The Margulies collection from Wynwood at The Warehouse. Here, each piece will be displayed in a redeveloped 50,000 square foot warehouse known to host prestigious exhibitions and educational programs. Each contributor to the auction will receive an NFT entry.


BLOND: ISH is a Canadian producer, solo DJ and sustainability activist represented by Vive-ann Bakos. She has collaborated with artists such as Diplo, Depeche Mode, Pete Tong and performed in festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival. As a crypto enthusiast, she was also a speaker at the Bitcoin conference.

Media contact:

Robert Penington

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