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The upscale Levantine restaurant is now open at the Hilton Doha, the Pearl Hotel & Residences, and will be the “contemporary home of soul cuisine from the Levant in Qatar,” it was announced.

Open every day for dinner from 6 p.m. to midnight, the Levantine’s menu – which emphasizes sharing and meeting – is the result of a collaboration between the hotel’s own culinary team and the famous Lebanese chef. Joe Barza.
Guests have the option of dining inside or out amid the fragrant aromas of the theater-style cuisine of Levantine favorites, including spicy charcoal-grilled meats, seafood, fish and vegetables, spit-roasted lamb and chicken and baking fresh bread, according to a press release.
The upscale Levantine lifestyle is also reflected with the terrace where signature Moroccan tea will be served to pay homage to Maghreb traditions.
“True to true Levantine traditions, this restaurant is the perfect setting for families and friends to get together at the end of a day or during the weekend and celebrate their relationships around great food and in good company. », Declared Hassan El Wahidi, general manager of the hotel.
With an environment that “blends perfectly” with Arab culture, Levantine offers a fine dining experience with grilled meats and locally inspired artisan treats. Levantine’s menu is really varied and offers a range of traditional dishes from the Levant region with a creative twist. “Its hummus collection should be a main attraction with four mouth-watering choices to suit all tastes: traditional bi tahine hummus, basil hummus with arugula pesto, pistachio hummus and bil lahmeh hummus with chickpeas and lamb,” the statement noted. .
Other noteworthy menu selections include an exquisite grilled catch of the day – a preparation of fennel and lime; Grilled octopus – made from lemon and garlic jam; and Grilled Jumbo Shrimp – a mixture of red pepper paste, cumin and cilantro and roast leg of lamb, a great sharing option for 3-4 diners.
Customers can also savor the traditional Lebanese sausage, makanek, or opt for a range of fresh vegetarian options before delving into a selection of the best desserts, the statement added.

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“In the summer of 2021, Philippe Massoud, executive chef and owner of the famous New York restaurant ilili, ilili BOX and ilili at Home, will bring the concept to the beautiful waterfront neighborhood of The Wharf in Washington, DC. https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/ https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:45:20 +0000 https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/

rendered courtesy Ilili

Extract from a press release:

“OPENING: summer 2021

100, district square

DETAILS: Ilili, known for being the premier institution for Lebanese culinary culture and hospitality values, will showcase the same charisma and quality as the centuries-old New York City favorite in DC’s new location.

A comeback for Chef Massoud, he was once part of the DC restaurant scene as a defining influence in the design and success of the upscale Mediterranean restaurant, Neyla Georgetown.

Ilili DC’s menu, like New York’s, will be an ode to the flavors of Massoud’s Lebanese heritage, reviving the traditions and bounty of his culture and welcoming DC diners with open arms.


ILILI: Located in New York’s bustling Flatiron neighborhood and soon to be The Wharf in Washington, DC, ilili celebrates life, shared bonds, and hospitality through its blend of modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine. Led by executive chef and longtime owner Philippe Massoud, ilili’s goal is to unify and invite guests to come together, savor the experience and savor every dish. Served mezza style, the menu expertly presents a melting pot of Lebanese, Levantine and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, offering a high menu of long-standing Lebanese traditions and contemporary touches. As a must-see haven for sophisticated Lebanese culture and cuisine, alongside Chef Philippe’s other concepts including ilili BOX and ilili At Home, the restaurant has transcended Philippe’s culinary vision into an unforgettable occasion for all who dine. .

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Yoga, euros and tango: 10 fun activities to do in the UAE this weekend – news https://yahalava.com/yoga-euros-and-tango-10-fun-activities-to-do-in-the-uae-this-weekend-news/ https://yahalava.com/yoga-euros-and-tango-10-fun-activities-to-do-in-the-uae-this-weekend-news/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:01:39 +0000 https://yahalava.com/yoga-euros-and-tango-10-fun-activities-to-do-in-the-uae-this-weekend-news/

Posted on June 9, 2021 at 3:57 p.m.

What will you do?

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Go out and dance. Tango is not just a form of dance, but an emotion. It’s full of energy and with the new La Casa del Tango restaurant it’s a slice of Argentina right here in Dubai. The man who brings the spirit of La Boca to the heart of the DIFC is the famous Tango dancer Enrique Macana. His vision, LCDT is a one-of-a-kind experience for the region that combines Tango dance performances. The chic venue serves authentic Argentinean cuisine and drinks to be enjoyed alongside the shows.

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khaleejtimes - photos

Be well, be attentive, be healthy. In honor of the 10th anniversary of World Wellness Day on June 12, there will be a free mind, body and spirituality experience at Jumeirah Al Qasr. Starting at 7 a.m., stretch with a morning yoga session on the beach to help balance the body, energize and strengthen. Then head to the International Majlis for 30 minutes of therapeutic sound meditation, a technique used to improve physical and emotional health and well-being, while being served a signature immune-boosting ginger tea. If you book the day at the Talise Spa in Jumeirah Al Qasr, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., you will also benefit from a 25% reduction.

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khaleejtimes - photos

In the zone. Zero Gravity’s indoor restaurant space has been transformed into a Fan Zone for Euro 2020, dominated by a giant screen that can be viewed by fans from both below and above. The DJ booth and production will also be moved to the air-conditioned space, ensuring a good atmosphere from the kick-off this Friday to the final on July 11. There is an all-inclusive offer for table reservations, with food and drinks on match day. menu for Dh250. The offer runs from 15 minutes before kick-off until the final regulation time whistle for each match.

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khaleejtimes - photos

Lebanese life. Antika Dubai is back for its exceptional Friday brunch with the best dishes from the Levant, as well as a selection of drinks and shows. Lebanon’s famous hospitality and flair for food are at the forefront at Antika, and those who have experienced their lavish mezzeh will know what to expect. Brunch starts at 2 p.m. and lasts until 6 p.m. from 220 Dh. Book as soon as you can and don’t forget to dress like new.

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All that jazz and food. If there is better than jazz, it is jazz and the gastronomic adventure of a weekend brunch at Masti. On Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., the restaurant will host a unique jazz-themed brunch from their elegant La Mer home, offering the soothing and uplifting sounds of live music against the backdrop of lush green interiors and serene sea views. With prices starting from 215 Dh, live this chic culinary experience with the duo Lady J and Felix.

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khaleejtimes - photos

Locked and loaded. Showing every match, Lock Stock & Barrel, Rixos Premium Dubai transformed its upstairs dining room into a huge specially designed fan zone. Decked out in artificial turf, front row seats in front of the screen, plenty of accessories to get you in the mood and a mouth-watering menu of delicious bites and award-winning drinks, you won’t miss a kick out of the Euro 2020 tournament here.

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Pool day all day. This summer promises to be exciting with Al Jaddaf Rotana Suites. Taking place daily, an all-inclusive pool day will allow you to relax to the fullest with unlimited drinks and a main course from the tasty menu while you relax in style. The offer is valid from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day at 180 Dh per person.

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Great nights at the water park. Yas Waterworld is bringing back one of its most popular events, Kabayan Night on June 11 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. For those who fancy a dose of beach fun, this Filipino themed party is not to be missed! With live bands, DJs, and entertainment, there’s five-hour after-dark access to over 45 world-class rides, slides, and attractions. Also participate in fun beach games and TikTok challenges with the Splash Squad at Amwaj Beach.

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khaleejtimes - photos

National pride. June is expected to be an exciting month for the Filipino and Russian expat community, as the Dubai Festival City Mall will screen the two flags as part of the centre’s award-winning visual and sensory extravagance, IMAGINE, on Saturday June 12 to mark special days. from the Philippines and Russia.

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Special Euro brunch. McGettigan’s is doing it again! This weekend, Dubai’s favorite gastro pub will host a special brunch to celebrate the euros. With prices starting at Dh 249 per person, embrace the team spirit and the fallout from the first game with a range of experiences to mark the occasion. Grab your team jerseys, pick your favorite spot between McGettigan’s JLT, DWTC or Souk Madinat, and settle into a lively brunch featuring unlimited food, themed cocktails and live music. At the “N” Live Brunch at McGettigan’s JLT, play themed musical bingo with the winners enjoying a free spin of the prize wheel. For even more chances of winning prizes, step into the McGettigan Fantasy Football League and predict match winners on the KickOffs mobile app. Brunch is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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17 seafood restaurants for a delicious lunch in Lebanon https://yahalava.com/17-seafood-restaurants-for-a-delicious-lunch-in-lebanon/ https://yahalava.com/17-seafood-restaurants-for-a-delicious-lunch-in-lebanon/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 15:24:59 +0000 https://yahalava.com/17-seafood-restaurants-for-a-delicious-lunch-in-lebanon/

This summer, don’t just swim on the beaches of Lebanon, also experience the rich and refreshing seafood dishes of the country. Here is a list of seafood restaurants to try that adds to last year’s list of hot spots.

# 1 The Canoe

Le Canoë is a popular restaurant located at the Holiday Beach complex in Zouk Mosbeh that serves Lebanese cuisine and seafood. The restaurant is located near the Marina Yacht Club, making it accessible from land and sea.

# 2 Océane

Oceanda is a popular home-cooked seafood restaurant and seaside wedding venue in the coastal town of Safra in Keserwan, north of Beirut.

# 3 Halat Sailing Club

The Halat Sailing Club is a must-see beach restaurant with a magical view. It also offers different types of water activities like windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle, etc.

# 4 Oysters

Along Batroun Harbor is a humble, family-friendly seafood restaurant and ‘scallop bar’ that promises to serve a warm, organic, and unpretentious experience. Using seashells as serving platters, Oyster’s Seafood Bar might make you feel like the sea god Poseidon himself!

# 5 Murray Restro-Café

Located by the sea in Antelias, Lebanon, Murray Resto-Cafe is touted for its insane food presentation that is unlike any other place, especially with its tabletop shawarma stalls and burger towers and that huge platter. “Booming Seafood”!

# 6 Samakati

With multiple locations scattered across the country from Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Nanaya Beach Club in El-Herri, Chekka, LaTaiga Resort in Kfar Abida, and LaSiesta Resort in Khaldeh, Samakati is the Lebanese seafood restaurant you can’t go wrong with it.

# 7 Merou Seafood

Merou Seafood brings the taste of the sea straight to town with its high quality fresh fish and seafood.

# 8 Chez Maguy

Chez Maguy in Old Town Batroun on the Shore is arguably the most colorful seafood restaurant in the country. It is a pet-friendly place with direct access to the beach.

# 9 Kelly’s Fish Salon

The quality and taste of this fresh fish market and restaurant in Achrafieh will certainly make up for the lack of sea views.

# 10 Merchak Aal Baher

Located in the Bonita Bay Beach Resort in Batroun, the stunning sea views and atmosphere of Merchak Aal Baher make it an immaculate dining experience, with a varied menu and fresh fish options to choose from.

# 11 Fidar beach house

This charming restaurant lounge in the coastal town of Fidar offers tasty bites, free access to the beach and dreamy sunset views for a never-ending summer.

# 12 Aal Shatt

Promising to offer a decadent seaside experience, Aal Shatt is a Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Tabarja that brings the catch of the day to your table.

# 13 At Zakhia

In Jounieh, Chez Zakhia is a quaint and authentic seafood restaurant perched on the Mediterranean Sea with beach access where you can book a setting for private occasions.

# 14 Abou Walid Seafood

Since 1989, the Abou Walid restaurant has served authentic local seafood in the coastal town of Bouar. Be sure to check out the fresh peach!

# 15 Borj Al Samak

Borj Al Samak serves daily fresh seafood and Lebanese cuisine in El-Mina, Tripoli, an area famous for its cuisine, in particular samkeh harra.

# 16 Al Marsah

One of the top rated restaurants in southern Lebanon, Seafront Al Marsah in Tire offers both Lebanese cuisine and seafood. Its relaxed family atmosphere makes it an ideal stopover for breakfast and the cafe by the sea.

# 17 Samkit El Sultan

Located in the heart of Ashrafieh in Beirut, Samkit El Sultan was born out of the owner’s passion for family, people and food. Samkit El Sultan has since become a staple for great seafood in the city.

Our team works tirelessly to guarantee the Lebanese a reliable alternative to the politically supported media with their heavily funded and dangerous propaganda machines. We have been detained, faced with relentless cyber attacks, censorship, attempted kidnappings, physical intimidation and futile prosecutions that drain our resources. The financial support of our readers allows us to fight on your behalf. If you can afford it, please consider supporting The961’s work. Support The961. Make a contribution now.

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Prince Lebanon Grill owners recall founder Francis Kobty https://yahalava.com/prince-lebanon-grill-owners-recall-founder-francis-kobty/ https://yahalava.com/prince-lebanon-grill-owners-recall-founder-francis-kobty/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 17:43:00 +0000 https://yahalava.com/prince-lebanon-grill-owners-recall-founder-francis-kobty/


Francis “Prince” Kobty, who opened the Lebanese Prince Grill in Arlington, died in his sleep on May 25.

During the first two years he worked at the family restaurant, Aziz Kobty was not allowed to come near the kitchen.

His father, Francis “Prince” Kobty, let him clean or drank tables, but didn’t want his son to mind the food until he was sure Aziz enjoyed this aspect of the job. Prince Libanais Grill.

“The restaurant was also one of his children, you know?” Aziz said Thursday in a telephone interview. “He spent so much time in it and worked so hard to build it. He was very careful with it. “

Francis passed away in his sleep on May 25, reeling from the family and friends of the 63-year-old restaurateur who built his business from scratch in the late 1980s to become a local mainstay, a national history of human interest and a place of community gathering.

Aziz and his sister Elizabeth Kobty said they hope to honor Francis’ legacy by keeping the restaurant – and their work ethic – up to its standards.

“You always knew what he wanted, you always knew how he wanted it, you always knew he was only going to take your best,” recalls Aziz.

From one-man show to local pillar

The Kobty family and restaurant staff had their hands full after the grill made its big breakthrough on Food Network.

Aziz returned from college after the restaurant appeared in 2009 in “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” in what looked like a new restaurant. Instead of chatting at the table as he had planned, he was sent back to work.

“People were starting to hear what kind of food daddy made and what kind of business he did and how he treated people and stuff, so I came back to a restaurant that I didn’t even know,” Aziz said.

The restaurant, fashioned from an old Sonic Drive-In at 502 W. Randol Mill Road, was even less recognizable from its previous incarnation of a buffet-style restaurant and one-man show.

Francois, who moved to the United States from Nazareth, Israel, in 1979, opened his business in 1989 with no restaurant experience or advice on how to run the business. He just knew he loved bringing people together through the power of cooking.

His staff realized that Francis was new to running a restaurant, Aziz recalls, and figured out how to run it on their own. Eventually, Francis laid off all his staff and ran a buffet-style restaurant on his own. He then rehired several of the same employees, many of whom had since apologized and developed a new respect for him.

Several of Francis Kobty’s children, nieces and nephews have joined the restaurant team over the years. Aziz and Elizabeth finally made the restaurant their full-time concert.

“We just thought, man, if we’re going to work this hard, we might as well do it with our family and for our family,” Aziz said.

He and Elizabeth eventually began to take on more roles around the grill. Elizabeth said she and her brother wanted to take on more roles and lighten the weight of their father, whose tenacity had not diminished over the years.

“He never asked for help – he always wanted to do it all himself,” Elizabeth said. “When we got in there, it was just like, ‘Let’s keep growing it, let’s make it a little easier for daddy.'”

Francis took on a more “corporate” role as he felt more comfortable handing over the reins to his children. Almost every day for lunch and dinner, he audited the restaurant, helped the supervisory staff and rallied the employees. It was an easy job for Francis, Aziz said, as his father was not shy about getting firm advice and high standards. Francis was best known for his slogan “What is this?” And everyone was a little taller each time Francis pulled up to the restaurant in his truck.

He was walking around the kitchen and he was annoying everyone. ‘What is happening? Hello.’ Everyone loved him, even when he called you and told you that you did something wrong, ”Aziz said.

Memory of François “Prince”

Condolences and memories poured in from everywhere after Francis Kobty passed away late last month. The family have come from Israel and the East Coast or have driven to pay homage to the man known for his big heart and hard love.

The restaurant has remained busy, Aziz said, having only closed one day for memorial services. A portrait of Francis, as well as a flowery table, watched over customers and employees during the lunch rush on June 5. Customers lamented the absence of a man who used to hang out with those passing by for a meal.

Aziz said his family and staff hope to honor his legacy by keeping the restaurant and living their lives by its standards.

“We don’t want anyone to expect me to replace him or Elizabeth to replace him,” he said. “We’re going to get together… and do things the way we know he wanted them to be done and treat people well.” It will be the legacy.

After all, people remember how it felt when they were hanging out more quickly than they do in the kitchen.

“The food was a plus, but really the heart and soul of this place was my dad,” said Aziz.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Related Stories

Kailey Broussard covers Arlington for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as a member of the Report for America Corps. Report for America is a national, nonprofit program that places journalists in local newsrooms to cover cities and undercover issues. To support this journalist’s work, and to support local journalism in Arlington, consider donating here: https://bit.ly/3gYyuOQ

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A pest gnaws at the white gold pine nut trade in Lebanon https://yahalava.com/a-pest-gnaws-at-the-white-gold-pine-nut-trade-in-lebanon/ https://yahalava.com/a-pest-gnaws-at-the-white-gold-pine-nut-trade-in-lebanon/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 09:32:34 +0000 https://yahalava.com/a-pest-gnaws-at-the-white-gold-pine-nut-trade-in-lebanon/

The scenic Mount Lebanon region has long produced pine seeds, a regional specialty, but crops have collapsed amid an infestation of exotic insects that experts say is being accelerated by climate change.

Lebanon, wedged between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, is best known for the iconic cedar tree depicted in its national flag – but it also boasts pine trees which account for almost 10 percent of the total forest cover.

Pine nuts harvested from their cones – a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine – have been dubbed “white gold” because of their traditionally lucrative sales, especially in wealthy Gulf countries.

But the natural treasure is now under attack.

The culprit is the western conifer seed bug, native to the western United States where it is sometimes referred to as a “stink bug”, and which has spread throughout Eurasia, most likely by hitchhiking on timber shipments.

In the pine forest of Qsaybeh in the east of Beirut, Elias Neaimeh, leader of the union of pine seed producers, highlighted the damage it has caused: the dry and dead trunk of a pine tree and cones scattered on the forest floor.

Nabil Nemer inspects a diseased pine tree.

In a normal year in the past, Neaimeh said, “I used to produce around 16 tonnes of pine cones, but today I harvest barely 100 kg”.

Previously, he made over $ 40,000 a year selling about 600 kilograms of white pine nuts a year, but now his income has dried up, at a time when Lebanon’s deep economic crisis has plunged millions of people into poverty. poverty.

Nabil Nemer reports a worm harmful to the pines of the pine forest of Qsaybeh in the south of Beirut.Nabil Nemer reports a worm harmful to the pines of the pine forest of Qsaybeh in the south of Beirut.

Thermal stress

In Lebanon, farmers started noticing a drop in production in 2012, but it took them three more years to find the cause.

Entomological expert Nabil Nemer identified the insect as the Western Conifer Seed Bug, or WCSB, which pierces cones to suck up sap and developing seeds.

The insect reached Turkey from Europe in 2010 before arriving in Lebanon, where it has since spread to most of the coniferous forests.

“It’s very harmful,” Nemer told AFP of the pest that attacks pines, cedars and cypresses.

“We have noticed that sometimes up to 10 insects feed on a single cone,” said Nemer, a professor at Holy Spirit University in Kaslik.

“When they infest small developing cones, the cones wither completely and fall to the ground.”

Nemer said climate change is creating a favorable environment for insects.

“Higher temperatures and less rainfall prolong the life cycle of insects and also weaken trees,” he said.

The insect infestation is compounded by the absence of its natural predators native to the United States, he said.

Many farmers have turned to pesticides, but Nemer warned the chemicals “could cause problems for exports and food safety.”

Back in Qsaybeh, Neaimeh said pesticides allowed a temporary and modest recovery in 2016 and 2017.

“There was a 30% decrease in the number of infested cones,” he said, bringing some relief from an infestation rate of 85 to 90%.

But in the absence of a centralized pest control policy, many forests remain neglected, further devastating production.

“Today, we do not produce more than 200 tonnes of pine nuts per year in all of Lebanon,” compared to 1,200 tonnes before 2015, said Neaimeh.

This, in turn, has skyrocketed prices, with a kilogram of pine nuts now selling for over one million Lebanese pounds ($ 650) – nearly double the monthly minimum wage.

A dead pine tree in the pine forest of Bkassine in Lebanon.A dead pine tree in the pine forest of Bkassine in Lebanon.

‘White gold’

The village of Bkassine in the south-east of Beirut is home to the largest pine stand in the region, with 100,000 trees covering around 220 hectares.

But these lush forests are also threatened by a double infestation.

Besides the WCSB, another insect, the mountain pine beetle, which forages and breeds under tree bark, has compounded the damage, Nemer said.

The mayor of Bkassine, Habib Fares, said that in 2013, the year of the last big harvest, the municipality made 500 million Lebanese pounds (over $ 300,000) from pine seeds.

Since then, production has plunged by 70%, he said, adding that “the municipality does not have the means to cope with the crisis”.

“Every year we try to spray pesticides on a specific segment of the forest,” he said, adding that such limited operations do not prevent the return of pests.

The fight against these parasites is always difficult, but Lebanon’s worst economic crisis in decades has made the problem a secondary concern for the authorities.

Support from the agriculture ministry has waned over the past two years, farmers said.

But a solution cannot wait, and would indeed contribute to economic recovery, argued Nemer, believing that “the local community can benefit”.

“But they can abandon their forests if the situation continues as it is. Pine nuts in Lebanon are known as white gold. We must find a solution.”

Nabil Nemer inspects a diseased pine tree for harmful insects.Nabil Nemer inspects a diseased pine tree for harmful insects.

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Rose (Maroon) Yaghoobian, dies at 96 https://yahalava.com/rose-maroon-yaghoobian-dies-at-96/ https://yahalava.com/rose-maroon-yaghoobian-dies-at-96/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 10:54:55 +0000 https://yahalava.com/rose-maroon-yaghoobian-dies-at-96/

Saturday 05 June 2021

Enlarge +

From Proverbs we hear:

“A lot of women have had great results,

but you surpass them all.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,

but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Give him of the fruit of his hands,

and let her works praise her in the gates.

Rose Yaghoobian was a dedicated and diligent housewife whose married life was dedicated to her husband and children, and their pursuit of the American Dream. Working from home, she was an accomplished seamstress, with many relatives, friends and clients who benefited from her skills. She mastered Lebanese and Armenian cuisine and was a particularly good baker. Dinner was on the table every night, and on the Sunday after Mass our house was open to all of our extended family, especially during the years her mother and father lived with us. She understood well the essential connection between our food and our culture and was an expert practitioner of both.

She was a loving grandmother to our children and warmly hugged even our four-legged family members.

But more than anything, she was a true embodiment of a Maronite servant. Our religion was a fundamental part of our education and of his life in daily practice. She has been recognized in many ways as a pillar of the community from the earliest days of the founding of St. George’s Maronite Church here in Rhode Island. She was a founding member of the Lebanese American Community Center, was active in the Society of the Holy Rosary, and has taken a leadership role in many St. Joseph haveli, as well as in countless other functions of the church.

She passed away peacefully at Riverview Health Care Community at the age of 96. She is survived by her children (Haig Yaghoobian and his wife Lorraine, Myra Fontaine and her husband Robert), four grandchildren (Andrew, Michelle, Haig and Talin), and two other siblings, James Maron and Joseph Wakim.

Due to ongoing COVID concerns and precautions, funeral services will be held in private for immediate family.

The funeral mass will be broadcast live on St. George’s Facebook page on Tuesday, June 8 at 10 a.m. Go to https://www.facebook.com/stgeorgemaronitecatholicchurchRI or log in through the St. George’s website: www.stgeorgeri.com.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Saint-Georges Maronite Church in his name.

We are comforted to know that Rose is now reunited with her beloved husband, Haig, the love of her life, and awaiting us all in the fullness of time.

Please share your memories on WoodlawnGattone.com

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Rose (Brown) Yaghoobian, please visit flower shop.

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Downtown Parkersburg restaurants feel the effects of remote working | News, Sports, Jobs https://yahalava.com/downtown-parkersburg-restaurants-feel-the-effects-of-remote-working-news-sports-jobs/ https://yahalava.com/downtown-parkersburg-restaurants-feel-the-effects-of-remote-working-news-sports-jobs/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 04:21:42 +0000 https://yahalava.com/downtown-parkersburg-restaurants-feel-the-effects-of-remote-working-news-sports-jobs/

PARKERSBURG – Restaurant customers in downtown Parkersburg have been drastically reduced over the past year, with many employees at two of the larger operations working remotely.

As vaccinations increase and regulations are relaxed, that could change.

Starting Tuesday, Highmark West Virginia will switch to a “yellow” operating level “Which will take into account the personal preferences of the employees and will offer those who wish to work on site the possibility of doing so” President Jim Fawcett said in an emailed statement.

Most Highmark employees have been working from home for a year rather than at the company’s head office in Market Street.

“The results of our employee survey showed increased job satisfaction and overall productivity for those who were able to work remotely.” said Fawcett. “These results speak for themselves: how we work is more important than where we work.

The company will use the concept of “Work from anywhere” more in the future.

“Rooted in the fundamental concepts of our business, Work from Anywhere is a cultural shift towards a more flexible work environment that allows our team members to think and work where and when they are personally most effective, as agreed with their management, while ensuring that the needs of customers and businesses are met ”, said Fawcett. “This more flexible and hybrid way of working allows us to collaborate, expand our partnerships and our talent pool, strengthen our position as an employer of choice and align with our promise of innovation.

The transition to the Work from Anywhere concept will begin once the building returns to a green operating level, Fawcett said. More employees are expected to return to the site from the end of the third quarter of 2021 and into the fourth quarter.

The Bureau of Fiscal Service has 94% of all employees telecommuting during the pandemic, according to an email from the Fiscal Service’s media relations office.

“At Parkersburg, there are several employees who report to the office on a voluntary basis or because the work performed is deemed mission critical and cannot be performed remotely,” said the email. “The tax department continues to examine options on how and when to send employees back to the office based on federal guidelines.”

With the majority of Highmark and tax service employees working remotely, the daily population of potential customers for downtown restaurants has been drastically reduced, even after restaurants were allowed to reopen and gradually increase capacity.

“The fact that this downtown workforce is not here, I’m sure, has affected them all.” said Wendy Shriver, executive director of Downtown PKB, the Main Street program promoting the area. “It’s kind of forced to force people to change their target audience.”

It’s a concern she heard from her counterparts on monthly calls with other Main Street communities across the state.

“We haven’t lost as many businesses as some of our other communities. “ Shriver said.

Chams Ekelman, namesake and co-owner of Lebanese cuisine Chams, said she was starting to see regulars again for the first time in some time.

“We have a lot of customers, we haven’t seen them for over a year because of COVID”, she said.

Ekelman attributed the absences more to the pandemic itself than the absence of some downtown workers. As more and more people are vaccinated, people are returning to restaurants. Often times, they notify a waiter when they walk in that they’ve been vaccinated, as Ekelman said she and her employees have been.

“They care about us like we care about them” she said.

Evan Bevins can be contacted at ebevins@newsandsentinel.com.

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11 exciting beach bars to watch the sunset in Lebanon https://yahalava.com/11-exciting-beach-bars-to-watch-the-sunset-in-lebanon/ https://yahalava.com/11-exciting-beach-bars-to-watch-the-sunset-in-lebanon/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 15:40:16 +0000 https://yahalava.com/11-exciting-beach-bars-to-watch-the-sunset-in-lebanon/

From tried and true spots to new and refreshing getaways, here are some of Lebanon’s most exciting waterfront bars to watch the sunset with your friends this summer.

# 1 Bar Du Port

Located next to Aishti By The Sea, this cosmopolitan seaside bar and restaurant caters to all tastes with its international cuisine and cocktails mixed with fresh ingredients and hand-selected liquors.

# 2 Solea

Soléa, located in the resort town of La Siesta in Khalde, just beyond Beirut Airport, is a dreamy beach rooftop bar offering panoramic views, tasty food and handcrafted cocktails.

# 3 Oasis

This open-air pub in Byblos, one of the oldest cities in the world, offers a unique experience unmatched in the medieval coastal town.

# 4 Titans

Overlooking Bahsa Beach cove in Batroun, Titans is a relaxed rooftop bar that offers exceptional drinks and food and stunning views from the Old Town.

# 5 Bar Del Mar

Offering sunset views, great food and vibes, Bar Del Mar in Kfaraabida creates a lot of noise despite being fairly new! That’s because it’s by the same creators of Palms Beach House.

# 6 Palms Beach House

Behind the new Bar Del Bar in Kfaraabida, Palms Beach House in Jounieh which opened in 2020 has become a favorite, bringing excitement and refreshing vibes to the coastal town.

# 7 Kina

Located in Byblos, the Kina Handcrafted Bar is a hidden gem offering a beautiful experience with live music, a live food station, exclusive drinks and a magical sunset view.

# 8 June Beach house

Eat, drink and swim at this beautiful relaxed beach house in Amchit where there is mostly live music and upbeat vibes.

# 9 C-Lounge

End your day admiring breathtaking views of the Beirut Corniche at the C-Lounge, located at the Bayview Hotel in Ain el-Mreisseh.

# 10 Bolero

Peaceful, tranquil and calm, Bolero is the perfect place to have a craft drink and relax in its beautiful garden by the sea in Batroun.

# 11 Boho Bar & Bites

This super laid back beachfront bar in Kfaraabida is the perfect place to grab a drink and some great food after a long day relaxing at the beach.

Lebanon has beautiful sunsets that you cannot miss. Check out these 20+ photos of Lebanese sunsets that will warm your heart.

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Cook your way around the world – no passport required https://yahalava.com/cook-your-way-around-the-world-no-passport-required/ https://yahalava.com/cook-your-way-around-the-world-no-passport-required/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://yahalava.com/cook-your-way-around-the-world-no-passport-required/

An Italian road trip in Hampshire

The road from Rome to Sicily is seasoned with mouthwatering flavors, tangy tomato sauces, dishes drizzled with earthy olive oil, and fresh Mediterranean seafood. Television chef James Martin oversees Chewton Glen’s cooking school, The Kitchen, in the New Forest, with its eclectic menu of half-day, evening and full-day courses, including the “Italian Road Trip”. If you don’t dream of the sunny beaches of Sicily, the “Tour de France” will transport you to Provence for the day, while “The Seafood Chef” heads to the Indian Ocean to concoct a plate of Goan fish cakes. .

Evening course £ 75, one day course £ 190, availability July 17th, ‘Italian Road Trip’, £ 190, chewtonlen.com

Making breakfast buns in London

If you’re craving breakfast, hot flaky chocolate bread and creamy latte at a chic Paris cafe, head to Little Portland Street in London instead. A half-day “French Breakfast Pastries” course at the cooking school will introduce you to traditional techniques step by step. You will make croissants and brioches as well as raisins, pain au chocolat and pastry cream – and you will also leave with your own dough to bake at home.

June 12 and July 10, £ 150 half day, ecolecuisine.co.uk

A Mediterranean celebration in Wales

Angela Gray worked around the world as a personal chef before opening her cooking school on the Llanerch Estate in the Vale of Glamorgan, which also houses a vineyard and farmhouse restaurant with rooms. One-day courses include “Italian Summer Cuisine”, “Greek Summer Cuisine” and “Lebanese Cuisine”. The ‘Mediterranean feast’ is one of the most popular, with dishes such as Armenian losh skewers with Welsh lamb, barbecued and served with rice, lentils and pickled vegetables, or lightly chicken. spicy stuffed with couscous, raisins and almonds.

One day course, £ 180, availability June 27, angelagray.fr

Llanerch Vineyard in Glamorganshire, Wales (Photo: ALS Photography 2019)

The bridge between Sweden… and Leeds

Sullen Scandinavian drama can catapult you to Malmö, but so can a plate of Swedish meatballs and blonde gravy. At Leeds Cooking School, ‘A Taste of Sweden’ will teach you how to cook Gräddsås drizzled Köttbullar with a side of Jansson’s Frestelse, the Swedish answer to gratin dauphinois (creamy matchstick potatoes and salted fish). And for dessert? Kladdkaka, a sticky chocolate cake with oats and crème fraîche is a coffee staple. There is also a one-day Nordic Baking course if you want to learn more about the culinary traditions of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

“A Taste of Sweden”, £ 70, available June 22 (6.30pm-9pm); ‘Nordic Baking’, £ 150, July 11, leedscookeryschool.org.uk

Follow the spice route in Edinburgh

Travel from India to Indonesia via Burma and Thailand at the New Town Cookery School in Edinburgh. His one-day workshop “Curries of the World” takes you through a range of spices and flavors creating a Burmese shrimp curry with rice noodles, Thai Penang curry with shrimp, Indian lamb Hyderabadi with tomatoes and Indonesian stir-fried rice. Other destinations to whet your appetite include Vietnam, Mexico and a “Journey to the Middle East” with an assortment of dishes from Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Iran.

One day workshop, £ 170, entcs.co.uk

Everything is Greek in Gloucestershire

Imagine you are in a sunny seaside taverna while you prepare the perfect Greek salad, stuffed eggplants, lamb kofta, dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), pitta bread, and marinated olives. Harts Barn Cooking School on the edge of the Forest of Dean. You can travel the world from the comfort of this Gloucestershire kitchen. Other courses on the culinary calendar include Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Korean (learn to cook bao rolls, jeon chive pancakes, bulgogia and bibimbap).

Half day course, £ 60, next available course is tomorrow (6 June), hartsbarncookeryschool.co.uk

A colorful menu at Brighton Cookery School (Photo: Press)

A spanish tapas tour in Brighton

Walking hand in hand through the streets of Seville and plunging into dimly lit tapas bars may seem like millions of miles away, but at Brighton Cookery School you can take a ‘Spanish Tapas’ couples cooking class. During the four-hour evening you will cook a selection of dishes such as sea bream and salmon ceviche, albondigas (pork and chorizo ​​dumplings in a spicy tomato sauce), patatas bravas, garlic squid and saffron mayonnaise and Spanish tortilla – bottomless sparkling wine and beer included.

£ 160 per couple, July 16, Brightoncookeryschool.com

A flavor of the Middle East in the Malverns

Taste dukka and cook a selection of Middle Eastern-inspired dips at Our Lizzy, a vegan cooking school in the Malverns. Learn to cook with pomegranate molasses and dried limes, then feast on falafels and Lebanese stews. Other culinary trips on the calendar include a “Taste of Thailand”, a “Greek Meze” and a “Mexican Morning”. You can even stay at home. There are two double bedrooms in the cooking school guest rooms.

One day course, £ 90, double room B&B, £ 72. Previous courses are full but there is availability for “Middle Eastern cuisine” in August, ourlizzy.com

Explore secret France in Cornwall

If you were glued to your TV as Rick Stein discovered the less traveled culinary route in his BBC series Secret France, this one-day class at his cooking school in Padstow, Cornwall will teach you how to recreate some of his favorite dishes of the series, such as poached lobster risotto, chicken fricassee with morels,
and buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms and eggs.

‘Secret France’, £ 198. Places available on June 15, July 30 and August 18, rickstein.com

Around the world in four routes

Bring the world to you on this full-day course at Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School, a converted farmhouse located a few miles from the market town of Driffield in East Yorkshire. “Around the World with Steph Moon” begins in Korea with spicy fried chicken and Asian salad, before heading to Scandinavia for Nordic-style salted salmon with a sweet mustard vinaigrette and pickled vegetables. The main course is a French trimmed rack of lamb with a crust of herbs and tartiflette potatoes, mint vegetables and farm peas with a red wine juice. The dessert comes from the southern hemisphere: mini chocolate Lamingtons, black cherry and acacia seed pavlova and mint and kiwi salsa.

‘Around the World’, £ 150, available June 22, yorkshirewoldscookeryschool.co.uk

The cooking class at River Cottage in Axminster, Devon looks delicious (Photo: Matt Austin)

Grill like a gaucho in Cornwall

Channel your inner gaucho during this full-day class on wood-fired Argentinian cooking, using a parilla (wood-burning grill), horno de barro (wood-burning oven), and a asador crillo (adjustable spindle). No marinade or friction is added to the meat – the flavor speaks for itself. It’s all about slow cooking, the embers creating a smoky succulence. Examples of dishes include a simmered half lamb, spatchcock chicken, grilled chorizo ​​and morcilla (blood sausage), grilled flank steaks, empanadas (baked turnovers), salsa criolla (relish) ) and chimichurri sauce with root vegetables cooked in the embers.

£ 160, available July 8 and August 14, philleighway.co.uk

A Japanese supply station in Devon

At the Ashburton Cooking School in Devon, you can learn the delicate art of sushi making. This half-day workshop teaches you the difference between – and how to make – nigrizushi, makizushi, and temakizushi with sashimi (raw fish), fish roe, cooked fish, cucumber, daikon and the lawyer. You can also take a tour of other culinary destinations with its “Cook to Go” courses (Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Mexican and Malay).

£ 95, half day, availability June 19, ashburtoncookeryschool.co.uk

Pizza and pasta on the Dorset border

Learn how to make pasta and pizza from scratch at the bucolic headquarters of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage, on the Devon-Dorset border. You’ll start by making the stone-ground pizza dough before turning to toppings using locally grown, seasonal ingredients. After having cooked your midday pizza in a wood-fired oven, the afternoon is devoted to pasta: unroll the rosaries of pappardelle to dry and stuff the pockets with ravioli. After making pesto and carbonara sauces, you’ll feast on a homemade Italian feast.

£ 245, August 6, rivercottage.net

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From Bath to Addis-Adaba

Injera, a sourdough flatbread and a staple of Ethiopian cuisine, is a tangy pancake-style bread used to scoop up largely vegan pea and lentil kay wot dishes upside down. This full-day class at Demuth’s in Bath, specializing in herbal cooking, will teach you how to prepare injera with yeqimen zeyet, a traditional flavored oil that is a flavor of many dishes. Also on the cooking school menu, there will be sambas (pastries stuffed with lentils), ye’dubba alicha (roasted squash in sauce), mesir wat (spicy Berber lentils) and awaze – a red chili sauce for you. catapult in North Africa.

£ 185, July 17, demuths.fr

Asian street food in York

At the Grand Hotel’s state-of-the-art cooking school in York, classes range from express evening classes on Asian street food (mixed vegetables and tofu laksa, a fragrant noodle soup and favorite in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia). Indonesia) – one day workshops including a “South East Asia Masterclass” where you will explore the cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

Half day course from £ 65, full day from £ 159, ‘Street Food: Laksa’, available June 24 from 5.30pm to 8pm; “South-East Asia Masterclass”, £ 159, thegrandyork.co.uk

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