Argentine President presents new bill to Congress to legalize abortion

Published on: 11/18/2020 – 02:33 Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced on Tuesday that he is presenting a new bill to legalize abortion in Congress, reopening a debate that has bitterly divided the traditionally Catholic South American nation. The announcement sparked celebrations among thousands outside the Congress building, who rallied around …

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Credit card debt keeps dropping. Banks are on the edge.

Americans are paying off their credit card debt at levels not seen in years. This is good news for everyone except the credit card issuers. Large card issuers that cater to borrowers ranging from the affluent to subprime mortgages say overall card balances – and therefore corporate interest income – …

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5 pro-life issues that have nothing to do with abortion

In recent weeks, pro-life activists have released a series of disturbing and controversial videos that expose the reality of abortion. Even today, the activist group “The Center for Medical Progress” published yet another clip, showing fetal tissue vendors talking about their business relationship with Planned Parenthood and the graphic details …

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