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The city of Toledo has launched a community-wide initiative to eliminate traffic and pedestrian deaths, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, Council Member Sam Melden and Transportation Commissioner Sean Burnett announced today.

“Successful cities make sure they are walkable, safe for pedestrians and suitable for bicycles,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz. “Today we are starting an effort to shape our transport strategies and infrastructure around the safety and well-being of every person in Toledo, and an important part of that is to prioritize the design of safe streets. “

Like other cities in the country, Toledo is now committed to Vision Zero, an initiative to eliminate fatal traffic accidents, promote multi-model travel and increase safety, the mayor said.

“We want to hear from motorists, pedestrians, public transport users and cyclists as part of a community survey posted on our website, and we also ask residents of Toledo to promote safe driving by placing the one of our “slowdown” signs in their front yard. “, said the mayor.

Toledo is committed to achieving Vision Zero status, said Sam Melden, Toledo City Council member.

“This is a community-wide problem that many other cities face, and it will require a community-wide solution,” said Mr. Melden. “It is a call to action for all the inhabitants of Toledo to make our streets safer. I call on everyone in Toledo to commit to reducing the death toll of our neighbors, family and friends to zero by 2031. For this to be successful, our efforts must be collaborative and proactive. Everyone needs to be a part of this, including the public service, law enforcement and our residents, who I know want to reduce the number of road fatalities. “

The pledge and more information is available at

Mr Burnett said fatal traffic accidents are set to double the city’s annual average this year.

“On average, 26 people lose their lives in traffic accidents in Toledo each year,” he said. “Vision Zero is not just about increasing bicycle lanes or lowering speed limits. At its core, it is a fundamental shift in the way transportation is approached in both policy design and the built environment. Where traditional traffic engineering maintains acceptable risk thresholds, Vision Zero is a decision to keep the so-called acceptable risk at zero.

Toledo’s Vision Zero resolution creates a municipal task force, made up of critical members from many different departments across the city, to focus on developing creative solutions to difficult problems. Vision Zero grants Toledo the opportunity as a community to create an action plan that includes the concerns of all road users, while holding them all equally in importance.


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