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The upscale Levantine restaurant is now open at the Hilton Doha, the Pearl Hotel & Residences, and will be the “contemporary home of soul cuisine from the Levant in Qatar,” it was announced.

Open every day for dinner from 6 p.m. to midnight, the Levantine’s menu – which emphasizes sharing and meeting – is the result of a collaboration between the hotel’s own culinary team and the famous Lebanese chef. Joe Barza.
Guests have the option of dining inside or out amid the fragrant aromas of the theater-style cuisine of Levantine favorites, including spicy charcoal-grilled meats, seafood, fish and vegetables, spit-roasted lamb and chicken and baking fresh bread, according to a press release.
The upscale Levantine lifestyle is also reflected with the terrace where signature Moroccan tea will be served to pay homage to Maghreb traditions.
“True to true Levantine traditions, this restaurant is the perfect setting for families and friends to get together at the end of a day or during the weekend and celebrate their relationships around great food and in good company. », Declared Hassan El Wahidi, general manager of the hotel.
With an environment that “blends perfectly” with Arab culture, Levantine offers a fine dining experience with grilled meats and locally inspired artisan treats. Levantine’s menu is really varied and offers a range of traditional dishes from the Levant region with a creative twist. “Its hummus collection should be a main attraction with four mouth-watering choices to suit all tastes: traditional bi tahine hummus, basil hummus with arugula pesto, pistachio hummus and bil lahmeh hummus with chickpeas and lamb,” the statement noted. .
Other noteworthy menu selections include an exquisite grilled catch of the day – a preparation of fennel and lime; Grilled octopus – made from lemon and garlic jam; and Grilled Jumbo Shrimp – a mixture of red pepper paste, cumin and cilantro and roast leg of lamb, a great sharing option for 3-4 diners.
Customers can also savor the traditional Lebanese sausage, makanek, or opt for a range of fresh vegetarian options before delving into a selection of the best desserts, the statement added.

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Whit’s Frozen Custard aims for new Centerville opening schedule https://yahalava.com/whits-frozen-custard-aims-for-new-centerville-opening-schedule/ https://yahalava.com/whits-frozen-custard-aims-for-new-centerville-opening-schedule/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:39:07 +0000 https://yahalava.com/whits-frozen-custard-aims-for-new-centerville-opening-schedule/

“The process took longer than we had hoped,” said Neace, a US Army veteran and University of Dayton graduate who originally aimed to open this summer.

Whit’s franchise “is a great reuse of what used to be an eyesore,” said Michael Norton-Smith, director of development at Centerville.

Township of Washington. Jeffrey Neace, a resident, is redeveloping the former vacant gas station at 199 N. Main St. into a community gathering place with ample outdoor space and a vintage feel. NICK BLIZZARD / STAFF



“Jeff has been very motivated and excited to bring this location up and running,” he added. “We are delighted that this type of use is in Uptown. “

Last week, the city’s planning commission passed some changes. Once final approvals were obtained, Neace said it expected “a wave of activity”.

Neace said Centerville Whit’s will have “a modern retro feel” in an effort to “make it very family friendly”.

The site is within a mile and a half of about 6,000 students from Centerville public and private schools, he said.



Neace has secured a franchise from the Granville-based company with over 30 Ohio locations, almost all in small towns.

The closest locations are in Lebanon, Trenton and Washington Court House, the company’s website says.

The menu offers a variety of treats, hot dogs, sandwiches and chili, as well as sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options, according to Whit’s website.

Whit’s Frozen Custard debuted in 2003 in Granville, northeast of Columbus. In addition to its locations in Ohio, it has locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

To explorePOPULAR: Popular Dayton Oregon District Restaurant Plans Uptown Centerville Spot

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CNY restaurant fights against unauthorized Grubhub deliveries: illegal, owners accuse https://yahalava.com/cny-restaurant-fights-against-unauthorized-grubhub-deliveries-illegal-owners-accuse/ https://yahalava.com/cny-restaurant-fights-against-unauthorized-grubhub-deliveries-illegal-owners-accuse/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:03:38 +0000 https://yahalava.com/cny-restaurant-fights-against-unauthorized-grubhub-deliveries-illegal-owners-accuse/

Watertown, NY – Family-owned Italian restaurant takes on Grubhub in upstate federal court over the food delivery giant’s controversial practice of adding restaurants to its online platform without their knowledge or without their consent.

It’s a dirty secret in Grubhub’s business strategy: If a restaurant turns down a formal business partnership, then Grubhub simply adds the restaurant’s menu to its wallet and sends delivery people to look for food like members of the general public.

But many of the estimated 150,000 restaurants listed on Grubhub without their consent say it’s essentially theft. And now Pete’s Trattoria in Watertown has given that claim a legal name: trademark infringement.

RELATED: CNY restaurants “outraged” by unauthorized Grubhub deliveries

“Pete’s has operated continuously for decades … He has invested considerable time, money and other resources in connection … with the various brands, logos and names of Pete,” the lawsuit notes. “The Applicant’s brands each serve as unique signifiers of Pete’s quality, reputation and goodwill in the marketplace. “

Grubhub’s unauthorized use of Pete’s name and menu for its delivery business threatens to ruin Pete’s reputation, according to the lawsuit.

“The plaintiff cannot control the way the defendant takes care of his food products, makes sure that the orders are correct or that the delivery is prompt,” says the lawsuit.

Prosecuting Grubhub for trademark infringement is a new approach in local courts, but is gaining traction as restaurants around the world grapple with Grubhub’s brutal tactics.

And it works.

Pete’s attorney David Antonucci of Watertown says Grubhub has taken the restaurant off its list since a lawsuit was filed earlier this year. For now, the restaurant is still claiming money for past damage.

This is not the only trademark infringement against Grubhub. Two national class actions put Grubhub to the test for different complaints.

The one filed first concerns a complaint almost opposite to that of Pete: Grubhub lists a restaurant that does not wish to associate as closed and / or unavailable for online orders. Grubhub has agreed to settle this first lawsuit by allowing non-partners more control over their ads on Grubhub, including a way to request that the ad be removed completely.

The second national lawsuit is similar to Pete’s lawsuit, demanding that Grubhub remove restaurants that don’t want to partner with them.

Grubhub made it clear in the first class action lawsuit that it did not intend to dispute the allegations of trademark infringement. Instead, Grubhub told a judge he was interested in settling these cases. Arguments surround whether money would be donated and how many restaurants would be included.

The second class action lawsuit, aimed at preventing Grubhub from adding non-partner restaurants, is still pending. The lawyers are debating what measures could be taken, given the settlement of the first class action.

Antonucci, Pete’s attorney, said he decided not to join the second class action lawsuit and was instead negotiating on his own with Grubhub.

But he credited the national lawsuit with providing insight into Grubhub’s practices.

Since its creation in 2004, the delivery site had forged commercial partnerships with restaurants that wanted to play ball.

But growing competition saw Grubhub’s stock fortunes decline in the fall of 2019, according to the federal Illinois class action lawsuit. In response, Grubhub began an aggressive effort to expand its restaurant portfolio, the lawsuit continues.

Instead of waiting to form business partnerships, Grubhub added 150,000 new restaurants in three months to its service without obtaining prior approval, the lawsuit continues. It turned out to be “very lucrative”.

Grubhub implicitly acknowledged this strategy to Syracuse.com | The Post-Standard in March, saying it “puts restaurants on our platform to provide variety for diners and generate more orders for restaurants.” They hope to partner with these restaurants (and charge commissions) later.

But local restaurateurs say this approach causes a myriad of problems locally, while Grubhub has no incentive to do it right.

Perhaps the biggest complaint is that Grubhub finds and publishes outdated menus, timetables and other information for non-partner restaurants. Some of this information is several years old, contains hours of operation that no longer exist, food that is no longer manufactured and at prices that are no longer valid. The restaurant, not Grubhub, is blamed for such mistakes, restaurant owners say.

The class action lawsuit describes the scope of other reasons restaurants do not partner with Grubhub:

Customers blame restaurants for poor service from Grubhub. When an order is delivered cold or with the wrong food, the restaurant is blamed, even if Grubhub’s delivery guy is at fault. Customers assume that Grubhub has the restaurant’s blessing.

Some restaurants don’t want additional orders. Popular local restaurants don’t need extra business. Their business plan does not include additional capacity to fulfill Grubhub orders without disrupting normal operations, overburdening staff, or sacrificing quality.

You don’t want to lose control of customer service. By letting Grubhub take over the ordering and delivery, restaurants are relinquishing substantial control over the customer experience. For some, it is not worth doing the extra business.

Grubhub workers are sometimes late or unprofessional. If delivery people arrive late, the food may be delivered cold or stale. Drivers can ‘stack’ orders, which means they wait to pick up multiple orders at once, leaving some of the food for long periods of time. Grubhub drivers can sometimes also cause their own problems, by not showing professionalism or by committing petty crimes.

Too many canceled orders or customer refunds. Grubhub makes it easy to cancel orders. But those canceled orders can cost restaurants a lot of food and money. Some restaurants have complained that Grubhub issued refunds without contacting the restaurant to see if a refund was warranted.

Some restaurants don’t want a take-out or delivery business. Some restaurants, especially those that specialize in fresh food, may not want a take-out business.

You want advice to go to restaurant employees. When food is ordered through Grubhub, the tips go to the company and its drivers.

Some restaurants have their own delivery service. Restaurants that want to control quality and customer service have their own delivery services.

The restaurants are teaming up with one of Grubhub’s competitors. Restaurants that wish to partner for takeout will seek out the best deal among delivery providers. These restaurants do not want or need the services of Grubhub.

Grubhub takes too many profits. This became a problem locally, when delivery services were charging exorbitant fees during the Covid-19 pandemic. But Grubhub can take more than 30% of the total order amount, leaving restaurants under water when selling.

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West Seattle Blog… | Subject: CONTRACT ASSOCIATE / COMPLETE https://yahalava.com/west-seattle-blog-subject-contract-associate-complete/ https://yahalava.com/west-seattle-blog-subject-contract-associate-complete/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:38:00 +0000 https://yahalava.com/west-seattle-blog-subject-contract-associate-complete/


An award-winning, world-class Italian food importer is looking for a Warehouse Associate to join our team.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: As importers of fine Italian food products, we work with Italian food producers who have used the same land to cultivate the same crops and prepare the same dishes for centuries. They create specialties exclusive to the microclimates of their own regions, the character of which is impossible to reproduce elsewhere. We want to inspire our buyers and customers with the stories our products tell: long and proud traditions of Italian culinary craftsmanship adapted to the American table.

Hours: 9 am-5pm Monday to Friday, or part-time hours to be determined
Salary: $ 16.50 / hour
After 60 days, the employee is eligible for medical / vision / dental insurance
After 90 days, the employee is eligible for a bonus of $ 500
Employees are encouraged to taste all food items

Key attributes and functions:

Reliable transportation to and from work
Complete shipments by processing and loading orders.
Knowledge of QuickBooks is a plus.
A proactive and positive attitude is essential.
Collaborates with a small team, takes initiative and has a high level of personal and professional responsibility.

The responsibilities of the warehouse associate include:
• Prepares orders by processing requests; pull materials; packing boxes; place orders in the delivery area.
• Maintains a clean and organized work environment.
• Actively seeks to improve warehouse efficiency
• Maintains a safe and clean working environment by keeping shelves, pallet area and workstations tidy; maintain a clean shipping supply area; comply with procedures, rules and regulations.
• Provides a high degree of efficiency in the warehouse environment.
• Complete preparation work for future orders

Communication and interpersonal skills:
* Problem-solving mind, collaboration with other team members
* Seeks solutions to problems and issues that arise, communicates issues to other team members for the purpose of resolving issues.
* High level of personal responsibility and accountability for assigned tasks
* Cordial and helpful with customers, staff and other team members.

TO APPLY: Please send your resume and cover letter to warehouse@ritrovo.com


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AT&T asks Skowhegan for temporary spot on city grounds, but officials reject ‘unusual’ request https://yahalava.com/att-asks-skowhegan-for-temporary-spot-on-city-grounds-but-officials-reject-unusual-request/ https://yahalava.com/att-asks-skowhegan-for-temporary-spot-on-city-grounds-but-officials-reject-unusual-request/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 19:14:00 +0000 https://yahalava.com/att-asks-skowhegan-for-temporary-spot-on-city-grounds-but-officials-reject-unusual-request/

SKOWHEGAN – Local authorities are torn by a proposal to allow communications company AT&T to set up a temporary booth on city property during the summer months.

The board considered the proposal on Tuesday, ultimately voting against the idea after a majority cited that an unusual precedent could be set and how other companies would be disadvantaged. AT&T has requested to use two parking spaces next to the Chamber of Commerce building at 23 Commercial Street for a temporary stand.

“I think we are perhaps setting a very unusual precedent,” said Managing Director Christine Almand. “I don’t know of any other towns or cities that allow businesses to set up parking spaces on their public property. I suggested they would be better suited in a private property situation.

But some board members were divided on the issue.

Selectmen Todd Smith and Charles Robbins were in favor of the app, citing that Skowhegan is known to be business-friendly.

“I’m afraid there are other companies looking at this and referring to it and saying ‘maybe we’re not wanted here,'” Smith said. “Maybe AT&T is looking for the vibe of the city, maybe they’re interested in the Run of River project… I’m not going to try to guess what they think, but I think it is. a business that is considering relocating to our city and we’re basically saying you’re too big, rent a space.

Jason Gayne, executive director of the Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce, told the meeting that AT&T Mobility is looking to set up a temporary store during the summer months to gain customers and is eventually considering a storefront.

Gayne added that the parking spaces that would be impacted are on the Chamber of Commerce / Visitor Center side and would be used by AT&T on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in June, July, August and September. In total, the company would occupy the space for up to 42 days, he said.

“What they’re trying to do is get customers first because (AT&T) is unknown in this area when it comes to service,” Gayne said. “And then, as they gain customers, they want to have a retail store in the community. It’s a way of getting them to get clients and letting people know they’re in the area.

Additionally, AT&T offered free Wi-Fi for people downtown during the summer months. Doing this, he said, would encourage tourists to stop in town to access the wifi signal, which could potentially increase sales for local businesses.

But President Paul York has expressed concern over allowing this, saying it could set a precedent for others trying to start a new business “to see if it will work and take off.”

He added that it might give others the idea to approach the city, “ask us to sit in the parking lot for free all summer to see if their business is going to take off because their game plan is to get going. a store front. “

“I don’t really see a difference in having someone else do this versus (AT&T) to approve it,” York said.

Selectwoman Betty Austin also objected to the idea, saying that a company as large as AT&T should consider renting a storefront instead.

“It’s a big company that could afford to rent a spot,” Austin said. “We have a few small storefronts downtown that they could rent out. I just think if they really wanted to do that, they could rent a spot. It’s a pretty big business. I don’t know why they can’t rent somewhere; it’s not like AT&T can’t afford to lease.

Almand also said the company’s request for parades and processions may not be the appropriate way to review such a plan and encouraged elected officials to work with the planning board to develop an ordinance. more concise.

“I am very supportive and I appreciate all the businesses that exist in our city; they all do the hard work it takes to build a strong business that we can all support, which includes some business expenses, ”Almand said. “I think it’s very unusual to be able to use city property, paid for by taxpayers, for free to do business. “

She also suggested accommodating them at the Skowhegan Welcome and Business Center, but after inquiring, she was told AT&T would only have two weeks there.

“It could also be a disadvantage for their competitors who are already there,” Almand said. “Most businesses have expenses when they start up that include renting, owning a property, or subletting another property for a lower amount for a short-term solution to determine if they can or no try it. “

Gayne added that if the city is trying to be more business-friendly, allowing a company like AT&T to come in, potentially gaining customers and potentially becoming a taxpayer is something the city should be open to.

“We’re trying to become a more business-friendly community,” Gayne said. “If you don’t have clients and it’s a big expense, let’s give them a chance to try, see if they can win anything, get them to open up and become a taxpayer in a community. business friendly. “

In addition, Gayne said, there is no order against this type of operation.

“If you think this is going to become a problem, maybe a prescription needs to be taken, but we’re trying to do everything according to the rules,” Gayne said. “It’s a real opportunity for them to come to town and I don’t see that as a bad advantage. It’s giving businesses an opportunity.

Verizon Wireless, a competitor, is a member of the Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as AT&T.

In the end, the article was not passed, with Smith and Robbins in favor and York, Austin and Staples against.

Use the form below to reset your password. When you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.


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Chinese-American restaurant Pearl’s Best Quality Daughter gives uneven, but still elegant representation in San Antonio https://yahalava.com/chinese-american-restaurant-pearls-best-quality-daughter-gives-uneven-but-still-elegant-representation-in-san-antonio/ https://yahalava.com/chinese-american-restaurant-pearls-best-quality-daughter-gives-uneven-but-still-elegant-representation-in-san-antonio/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 16:08:07 +0000 https://yahalava.com/chinese-american-restaurant-pearls-best-quality-daughter-gives-uneven-but-still-elegant-representation-in-san-antonio/

Red-Baked Beef Short Rib from new Chinese-American restaurant Best Quality Daughter at the Pearl grabbed the attention of the New York Times last month, with an article detailing its elaborate embers and tracing co-chef and co-owner Jennifer. Hwa Dobbertin History of the Taiwanese Family Restaurant in San Antonio.

Here she writes new chapters of that story with co-chef and co-owner Quealy Watson, her partner in the Pearl food hall Tenko Ramen kiosk and now Best Quality Daughter, which opened in November in the former style house. cottage at The Granary. ‘Cue and Brew.

This prime rib, a single massive bone as big as one of those dino ribs in a barbecue, is worth the national press. He presented himself to the table like a rock star, draped in a mahogany robe of soft icing, smoky and as aromatic as a spice bazaar and followed by an entourage of herbs, Bibb lettuce, a rainbow of pickles and gravy bowls. Tender enough to separate with chopsticks, the Coast is a DIY kit for ssam-style lettuce wraps, enough for four and more than enough to justify its $ 60 price tag.

Red-Cooked Prime Rib is a giant braised and glazed prime rib served with Bibb lettuce, herbs, sauces and house pickles at Best Quality Daughter, an Asian-American restaurant at The Pearl.

Mike Sutter / Staff

Beyond the showboat coast, the menu brought both surprises and highlights. No one in town makes anything like Thai curry baba ganoush, a huge platter of still hot crispy rice chips from the kitchen, served with a bubbling eggplant curry that looked nothing like baba ganoush, but which cares? It was lush and creamy and turned those rice crisps into an Asian style twist on crisps and salsa that I can stand.

The fragrant richness of the curry also swirled into a hybrid version of dan dan noodles, a pasta dish with spicy ground pork that’s typically a study of the potency and potency of chili oil. But the lush curry gave it layers of earthy sweetness that both anchored it and let it fly. In a more familiar vein, salt and pepper shrimp brought the simple pleasures of fried shrimp, meant to be eaten tail and all, executed here with precision and a spicy, colorful robe of chili peppers and green onions, cilantro and lime.

The restaurant takes its name from a line from the movie “The Joy Luck Club”, referring to the relationship between Chinese-American women and their Chinese mothers. That’s a solid premise for a restaurant with its roots in tradition and branches that go wherever they want. And it’s a beautiful place, a total transformation of the old barbecue shop log cabin aesthetic, designed by some of the city’s top designers and architects.

There’s a Southern-style veranda, a carpeted gossip den, and a main dining area bathed in a kitsch yet heartwarming pink glow. You can play the landmark on the cool custom San Antonio wallpaper by the bar, itself a neon-lit mix of modernist boutique and meth lab.

The bar and main dining room reflect the cute and quirky style of Best Quality Daughter at the Pearl.

The bar and main dining room reflect the cute and quirky style of Best Quality Daughter at the Pearl.

Mike Sutter / Staff

From this bar come cocktails using plum wine, five spice bitters and chrysanthemum syrup among other unique ingredients. The best of these cocktails was called Drinking Alone with the Moon, deploying Japanese whiskey liqueur and brandy to supercharge the plum blossoms and star anise. In this enchanting setting, a rum-spiced Thai iced tea with tapioca boba pearls was the perfect aperitif for a clientele who preferred hanging out in a bubble tea bar rather than a stuffy lounge.

Best Quality Daughter lets you accessorize her prominent branded chopsticks, coasters and plates with solid and colorful dishes like dark purple Sichuan sticky eggplants, flashy green gay lan Chinese broccoli, all fresh in a tangy brown oyster sauce, even vegan potstickers made with Impossible Burger “meat” that tastes and feels like you haven’t missed a thing.

But one prop collided with all the others. Knotty fried shallots hard as salted shrapnel were sprinkled over a range of dishes, from gai lan with crab-fried rice and ginger miso noodles with wontons, to crushed cucumbers and snow peas – one careless trim that compromised everything she touched. Some he destroyed.

Some never had a chance, anyway. The crushed cucumbers weren’t crushed at all, just sliced ​​and covered in tahini and too much chili oil. The soggy shrimp wontons disintegrated to the touch, and the wok-charred snow peas were buried under so much parmesan and over-garnished arugula that they failed in their mission to add a contrasting touch of green. to the grease and fire that surrounded them.

Entrees include, clockwise from top left, Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Popcorn, Impossible vegan potstickers, and mochi cheddar hush puppies at Best Quality Daughter.

Entrees include, clockwise from top left, Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Popcorn, Impossible vegan potstickers, and mochi cheddar hush puppies at Best Quality Daughter.

Mike Sutter / Staff

The short and smart menu has carried out its China-US mission gracefully, for the most part. The crispy egg rolls took a creative twist with the crab pudding. The fried shiitake mushrooms sported a golden layer of breaded armor with a refreshing basil yogurt dip. The mochi cheddar hush puppies had the weight and bounce of southern spoon bread. And cashew chicken could work in the wok with the best Chinese cuisines.


602 avenue A à la Perle, 210-819-4236, bestqualitydaughter.com

Quick bite: Stylish Chinese-American restaurant at The Pearl from Tenko Ramen chefs Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin and Quealy Watson

Hit: Red Cooked Beef Short Rib, Panang Curry Dan Dan Noodles, Drink Alone with the Moon Cocktail

To lack: Shrimp wontons, crab fried rice, crushed cucumbers

Hours: Lunch 11 am-3pm Monday to Saturday; 11 am-4pm Sunday. Dinner from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Thursday; 5 pm-10pm from Friday to Saturday. On-site and curbside dining available.

Price range: Snacks, egg rolls and potstickers $ 6- $ 14; vegetable dishes, $ 10-14; noodle and rice dishes, $ 15- $ 25; large entrees, $ 18- $ 60; desserts, $ 4 to $ 7

Alcohol: Cocktails, wines and beers

***** Excellent, an almost perfect experience

**** Good, among the best in town

*** Average, with some notable points

** Poor, with a buyback factor or two

* Bad, nothing to recommend

Food critics on Express-News pay for all meals.

For her style and strong lineage of chefs, Best Quality Daughter could do better on the way to the best.

msutter@express-news.net | Twitter: @fedmanwalking | Instagram: @fedmanwalking

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“In the summer of 2021, Philippe Massoud, executive chef and owner of the famous New York restaurant ilili, ilili BOX and ilili at Home, will bring the concept to the beautiful waterfront neighborhood of The Wharf in Washington, DC. https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/ https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:45:20 +0000 https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/

rendered courtesy Ilili

Extract from a press release:

“OPENING: summer 2021

100, district square

DETAILS: Ilili, known for being the premier institution for Lebanese culinary culture and hospitality values, will showcase the same charisma and quality as the centuries-old New York City favorite in DC’s new location.

A comeback for Chef Massoud, he was once part of the DC restaurant scene as a defining influence in the design and success of the upscale Mediterranean restaurant, Neyla Georgetown.

Ilili DC’s menu, like New York’s, will be an ode to the flavors of Massoud’s Lebanese heritage, reviving the traditions and bounty of his culture and welcoming DC diners with open arms.


ILILI: Located in New York’s bustling Flatiron neighborhood and soon to be The Wharf in Washington, DC, ilili celebrates life, shared bonds, and hospitality through its blend of modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine. Led by executive chef and longtime owner Philippe Massoud, ilili’s goal is to unify and invite guests to come together, savor the experience and savor every dish. Served mezza style, the menu expertly presents a melting pot of Lebanese, Levantine and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, offering a high menu of long-standing Lebanese traditions and contemporary touches. As a must-see haven for sophisticated Lebanese culture and cuisine, alongside Chef Philippe’s other concepts including ilili BOX and ilili At Home, the restaurant has transcended Philippe’s culinary vision into an unforgettable occasion for all who dine. .

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https://yahalava.com/in-the-summer-of-2021-philippe-massoud-executive-chef-and-owner-of-the-famous-new-york-restaurant-ilili-ilili-box-and-ilili-at-home-will-bring-the-concept-to-the-beautiful-waterfront-neig/feed/ 0
French striker Giroud complains about lack of service despite showing two goals https://yahalava.com/french-striker-giroud-complains-about-lack-of-service-despite-showing-two-goals/ https://yahalava.com/french-striker-giroud-complains-about-lack-of-service-despite-showing-two-goals/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 22:56:04 +0000 https://yahalava.com/french-striker-giroud-complains-about-lack-of-service-despite-showing-two-goals/

The Chelsea man appeared to call Kylian Mbappe for being too selfish as the Blues recorded a win in their last Euro warm-up game

Olivier Giroud complained about a lack of service from his teammates after he scored two goals in France’s 3-0 win over Bulgaria on Wednesday night.

Karim Benzema having been forced to stop at the end of the first period due to a blow to the thigh, his compatriot Giroud found the net twice in the second half to seal the victory in his last friendly match before the Euro.

Still, Giroud believes he could have had more than just a double overnight if his compatriots had made better and more effective decisions in the attack phases.

What was said?

“I was a little calm because sometimes I do races and the deep balls are not there,” said Giroud. the team After the game.

“I’m not saying that I always do the best runs, but I always try to offer solutions in the box.

“With two good balls provided by Ben [Pavard] and Wissam [Ben Yedder] I finished well, but we could have scored more goals if we had been more efficient.

Didier tries to defuse

Many have sought to question whether Giroud is calling Kylian Mbappe for being too individualistic with the ball rather than playing for the team, but coach Didier Deschamps intervened quickly to defuse the situation.

“It’s always the same thing,” said the boss of France at a press conference. “The attacker will say, ‘I’m doing runs, but it’s in midfield to get supplies.’ Then the midfielders will say it’s the attackers’ fault.

“Sometimes, yes, the pass isn’t available, but sometimes it’s a matter of individual movement. But that’s not a review of Kylian or anyone else.

“I also spoke to Kylian at halftime,” added Deschamps. “Olivier does not have the same profile as Karim, he is more of a target man, a pivot. In the first half, the three (Benzema, Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann) could exchange and find themselves in any zone.

“After that, if they choose to do an individual action when they could have passed, it’s the game that forces them to do it. It is up to them to choose.

The Objective view

David Hernandez from France goal says: “Mbappe was forced to move a little more to the left after Benzema came out and can, as he sometimes does at PSG, cause irritation by performing some wide actions that are too individual.

“We knew that with the offensive potential present in this group, there would inevitably be disappointments. We just didn’t think egos could be affected so quickly when the euros hadn’t even started yet … “

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How do you celebrate Farmer’s Day? https://yahalava.com/how-do-you-celebrate-farmers-day/ https://yahalava.com/how-do-you-celebrate-farmers-day/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 21:09:23 +0000 https://yahalava.com/how-do-you-celebrate-farmers-day/

Calgary, Alberta, June 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mark your calendar to Farmer’s Day this Friday June 11, 2021 as the United Farmer’s of Alberta Co-operative (“UFA”) recognizes farmers and ranchers whose work does not stop, even in the event of a pandemic.

The 112-year-old cooperative has been celebrating Farmers Day since a 1945 congress resolution where UFA declared a fixed date to observe “Farmers Day” to recognize the importance of the agricultural industry in the country. ‘Alberta. Farmers’ Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in June. For many years, Farmers’ Day was a provincial holiday, children were taken off school, and families could spend quality time together after the busy planting and calving seasons.

“Celebrating Alberta’s agriculture industry and the work of our members and customers is especially important this year,” said Scott Bolton, President and CEO of UFA. “During the pandemic, agriculture was declared an essential service, there were no days off for our members and customers, and our cooperative was proud to continue to provide the products and services they needed to maintain nutritious foods on grocery store shelves. Going forward, as we begin to open up the economy, the agri-food and agri-food industries will continue to be critical and will be critical to our province’s economic recovery.

The UFA will not be the only one to celebrate. Elected officials from federal, provincial and municipal governments will mark Farmers’ Day with statements of support for the Alberta Legislature, lighting up urban landmarks like the Calgary Tower and the High Level Bridge in orange and green , the mayor’s proclamations and letters of recognition. From farm to fork, the impact of the agri-food industry is felt in rural and urban communities, and UFA is grateful for the support of all of its partners.

“We work throughout the year to improve the economic and social well-being of our members and clients by providing an active voice on behalf of farmers on many fronts through advocacy, partnerships, awareness and education, ”says Bolton. “We are also working to build vibrant rural communities by supporting local initiatives through a strong community investment program. It is important for our co-op to provide support where it is needed most, and last year was no exception.

UFA will feature special offers in its June circular, giving members and clients more time to take advantage of the offers, when it suits them. UFA is asking Albertans to seize the power and potential of Alberta’s agriculture industry on social media and share their images and posts by including the hashtag #FarmersDay and tagging @ufacooperative.

Check out www.UFA.com/FarmersDay for more details on Farmers Day 2021 as June 11 approaches!


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a Hump Day ritual! – The Sun of Sopris https://yahalava.com/a-hump-day-ritual-the-sun-of-sopris/ https://yahalava.com/a-hump-day-ritual-the-sun-of-sopris/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 19:41:32 +0000 https://yahalava.com/a-hump-day-ritual-the-sun-of-sopris/

Carbondale Farmer’s Market Manager Jamie Wall welcomes you back to the first market of the season on Wednesday June 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The market features three of our favorite local farmers – Sara Tymczyszyn from Highwater Farms, Silt; and Erin Cuseo of Erin’s Acres and Matt Kennedy of Sopris Farm, Carbondale. Cook at Mount Sopris Montessori Kindergarten and caterer, Kennedy is known for his home-grown culinary mushrooms.

Expect to see Rock Bottom Ranch, JuNo Farms, and Dooley Creek Farm spinning throughout the season. The Meredith and Shipman families are regenerative herders, using animal husbandry to grow the soil – the foundation of all agriculture, ranching – and life. They’ll be offering cruelty-free pork, chicken and beef right here on Dooley Creek and the Crystal River!

A handful of farmers come from North Fork Valley by car; some up to three hours away. Another farmer is from Arizona and is living here for the summer, Wall explains. “That’s why the Carbondale Farmers Market (CFM) is held during the day – to support farmers, their work and their families. “

Throughout its 15 years of existence, CFM has nurtured the local economy by showcasing our farmers, ranchers, artisans and ready meal vendors. Their stalls and tents will line both the grassy park and Fourth Street in Main. Bring your favorite market bag and fill it with healthy treats and special gifts all summer long. Be sure to take a look at one of our favorite baristas, Giana Grossman, and the sleek, earthy art she brings to her ceramic wares. Toadstool Traditions opens up the world of mushrooms and plant medicine. So much to discover, especially with the pop-up vendors throughout the season.

Plan a standing lunch or brunch with a best friend. The market will even offer breakfast this summer! Picnic on the grass, treat yourself to a loaf of fresh bread, artisan cheeses. Enjoy empanadas, pierogies, sausages – or quality seafood! Kaleb’s Katch will be back. Sip iced kombucha or hot or cold coffee. Bring a blanket or camp chairs – the market will feature live music on the new city stage every two weeks. KDNK will be broadcasting live in the intervening weeks. Immerse yourself in the people watching. Find friends you haven’t seen for a long time after the pandemic.

For those who are feeling stretched out, the CFM is a great way to leverage your SNAP cards. Bring your card to the CFM information booth. Swipe your card and receive as much SNAP money as you want, using those SNAP dollars to buy vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and cheese. Spoil yourself. You deserve the best, freshest, and most nutritious food the Valley and our little town have to offer.

“The best part is the atmosphere of a small town,” says Wall. “I love to walk around the market and see my coworkers, someone I see at Bonfire, City Market, other business owners, clients at the leisure center. I love seeing friends and neighbors and continuing this conversation – oh, have you checked out this booth? You should check out this seller!

The CFM is a unique and healthy experience. Make it an uplifting Hump Day ritual!

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