Guy: Hawaiian style: release date, episodes, etc.

A recent press release for the upcoming “Guy: Hawaiian Style” series reveals that Guy Fieri will be traveling with his family through the Hawaiian Islands to learn more about Hawaiian culture, tradition and, of course, all the best parts of the world. Hawaiian cuisine. Unlike his previous and predominantly food-focused adventures like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Fieri and his family will explore the four main islands in ways other than simply tasting local dishes; Traditional Hawaiian activities like clay shooting inside volcanoes, spearfishing, and salt harvesting will keep Fieris busy and entertain viewers.

For the four-part series, viewers can tune in to the start of the Fieri family journey of exploring the traditions of the island of Maui. Adventures in Maui include Fieri’s wife, Lori, and son Ryder, earning their scuba diving certifications, leading to an underwater tour of sea turtles, reef sharks and beyond. The family will travel to Oahu and the Big Island, with exciting new adventures on each. And, of course, a Guy Fieri trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be quite complete without a visit to the pineapple farm, a tasting of pitted and shaved ice, and an authentic luau, complete with roast pork, necklaces making and fun for all. “If Hawaii offers it, we try it,” Fieri said. “We do everything from land to sea and the best part is viewers can be part of and experience the amazing adventure too.”

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