Here’s why your “revolutionary” infection will be unique to you

Hello, Dallas! It’s Monday August 23.

Your titles:

Not all COVID-19 infections are created equal. What I have discovered with a “breakthrough” infection is that I am not treated like a governor – and you may also have a different experience than anyone else.

Now the weather forecast for the day: Wet all day. High: 96 Low: 77.

Here are the best stories today in Dallas:

  • Dallas Cowboys: “Oh, you mean fashion.” (Instagram)
  • The Dallas Mavericks: “Congratulations, guys, let’s get to work.” (Instagram)
  • Dallas Museum of Art: “What is the title of this painting? Wrong answers only. (Caption in comments!) Vigorous applications of paint – often containing varnish mixed with coats of glaze – add intensity to this painting of a fisherman from Cape Cod. ” (Instagram)
  • Dallas Animal and Adoption Service Center: “Want to help DAS pets, but can’t adopt or foster? Donate an item from our Amazon Wish List! Right now our greatest needs include: Plastic crates for large dogs High value dog treats Cotton washers for cleaning our kittens. ” (Facebook)
  • JCC Dallas: “A brilliantly modern take on Jewish culinary traditions for a new generation of readers, a shining new star in the culinary world. Join Jake Cohen in conversation with CNN’s Holly Firfer for a live cooking demonstration! ” (Facebook)

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