Housing and food services offer competitive employment opportunities


UNIVERSITY PARK, PA – With a plethora of opportunities, students seeking employment across the Commonwealth can find their ideal place in Penn State’s Housing and Food Services (HFS).

Offering flexible hours and convenient work locations with a starting hourly wage rate of $ 12, HFS not only provides jobs, but long-term career growth as well. Employed students can learn valuable skills to add to their resumes through various leveling opportunities for student management and leadership roles.

Student leadership positions teach skills such as time management, networking, communication, working in diverse groups, attention to detail, and organization. HFS also offers career events, such as shoots for LinkedIn profiles and meetings with the Career Services Team.

Ally Kephart, a fourth year student studying supply chain and information systems, works as the student office manager for the West Food District. As the head of the student office, Kephart liaises between student employees and management by planning student employees, coordinating new student directions, and organizing communications with student employees.

Along with his administrative duties, Kephart works with managers and administrative assistants to support student employees and keep the West Food District running smoothly.

Kephart said working with HFS “is one of the best student employment opportunities across Penn State.”

“I started working with HFS because it offered flexible hours, a high starting salary, several growth opportunities and the West Food District is conveniently located on campus,” Kephart said. “I made some of my best friends while working with HFS and made lasting relationships with other students, employees and managers. I think I have acquired effective professional skills like communication, organization, leadership and management through my role.

In addition to career development opportunities, HFS offers unique social opportunities to its employees. HFS coordinates scheduled after-hours activities to meet others and build teams. Upcoming activities for the teams include attending the Penn State Center for Arts and Crafts and attending Penn State sporting events. In the past, HFS has offered cooking classes for cookie decorating and sushi rolling.

Amber Sharkawy, Data Analyst for HFS, encourages Commonwealth students looking for on-campus jobs to consider working with HFS.

“I think the biggest draw to HFS is that we are a community within a community,” Sharkawy said. “When I was an undergraduate student, one aspect of working with HFS that struck me was that I was treated as an individual with my own goals and ambitions. I felt like they were investing in me and I learned so much which I think helps me in my current role at University. I didn’t take the job when I was a student thinking I would learn these skills, but I’m so grateful that I did.

Sharkawy explained that students should reach out if they have specific interests or want to learn more about working in HFS.

“Our managers would be happy to talk to them or give them more information,” said Sharkawy.

All open positions are posted on the HFS student employment page.


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