“In the summer of 2021, Philippe Massoud, executive chef and owner of the famous New York restaurant ilili, ilili BOX and ilili at Home, will bring the concept to the beautiful waterfront neighborhood of The Wharf in Washington, DC.

rendered courtesy Ilili

Extract from a press release:

“OPENING: summer 2021

100, district square

DETAILS: Ilili, known for being the premier institution for Lebanese culinary culture and hospitality values, will showcase the same charisma and quality as the centuries-old New York City favorite in DC’s new location.

A comeback for Chef Massoud, he was once part of the DC restaurant scene as a defining influence in the design and success of the upscale Mediterranean restaurant, Neyla Georgetown.

Ilili DC’s menu, like New York’s, will be an ode to the flavors of Massoud’s Lebanese heritage, reviving the traditions and bounty of his culture and welcoming DC diners with open arms.


ILILI: Located in New York’s bustling Flatiron neighborhood and soon to be The Wharf in Washington, DC, ilili celebrates life, shared bonds, and hospitality through its blend of modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine. Led by executive chef and longtime owner Philippe Massoud, ilili’s goal is to unify and invite guests to come together, savor the experience and savor every dish. Served mezza style, the menu expertly presents a melting pot of Lebanese, Levantine and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, offering a high menu of long-standing Lebanese traditions and contemporary touches. As a must-see haven for sophisticated Lebanese culture and cuisine, alongside Chef Philippe’s other concepts including ilili BOX and ilili At Home, the restaurant has transcended Philippe’s culinary vision into an unforgettable occasion for all who dine. .

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