Jasmine Bakery Pita Operations | Doug Tratner Report

The pita is sold not only in Aladdin, Taza and Boaz restaurants, but also in the Middle Eastern market throughout the region.

Cleveland – When Fady Chamoun first opened Aladdin’s dining room In 1994, he and his family had to travel frequently to Detroit or Canada to source the ingredients used to make Middle Eastern cuisine on the menu.

As the business grows from one to three, Chamoun is relying on other stores for staples such as Lebanese olive oil, tahini, green beans and fresh pita by building its own. bakery and commission. I decided to quit. Since then, Aladdin’s has expanded to more than 30 locations in four states, with other Taza and Boaz restaurants along the way.

To better support these stores, the family built a large bakery and commission in a 50,000 square foot warehouse on the Lakewood-Cleveland border. At the heart of the operation is a fully automated production line that turns sticky dough into freshly baked pita.

In a hot, humid and spongy space, the dough is molded, calibrated, pressed, cooked, cooled and conditioned at the rate of 10,000 to 15,000 pita per day. The pita is sold below Jasmine bakery The name extends not only to restaurants in Aladdin, Taza, and Boaz, but also to the Middle Eastern market throughout the region.

Most of the menu items are made from scratch at all restaurants, but some time-consuming staples are made on commission and shipped to the store. These include carefully hand-rolled kibbeh, hot sauce, and stuffed grape leaves.

The large warehouse also serves as the base for the Terranean brand of Middle Eastern products. Items such as Atal spreads and the spice blend can be ordered online or purchased from on-site retailers with a variety of Mediterranean ingredients.

Of course, this is also the place to buy the freshest pita in town.

Jasmine Bakery Pita Operations | Doug Tratner Report

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