Local lawmaker declares July Ice Cream Month

There has never been a better weather for ice cream in recent weeks and a local lawmaker is taking the opportunity to use this popular frozen treat to honor dairy farmers in the area.

Democratic MP Marianne Buttenschon announced on Thursday that she would declare July, at least in her constituency, Ice Cream Month. The gesture was specifically made to recognize area dairy farmers who reside and work in Oneida and Herkimer counties. Buttenschon says,

When we taste a delicious scoop of ice cream, it often goes without asking where this beloved treat came from. Dairy farmers are responsible for bringing so many delicious products that we love to our communities and have gone above and beyond during this pandemic to support families in need while enduring their own financial hardships. After this tough year, it’s only right that we take the time to celebrate not only this ultimate summer indulgence, but the hardworking people who – literally – are helping put it on the table.

In the age of oats, dairy producers of soybeans and almond milk have seen increased challenges. While our region greatly appreciates and supports the agricultural professionals in the region, it is easy to sometimes forget how difficult this industry is. The pandemic hit everyone hard, but the agriculture industry was no exception. So take the time to enjoy one of your favorite ice cream parlors. Whether it’s Bonomo’s in Clinton, Dad’s in Chittenango, or Kookie’s Q and Creamery in North Utica, take some time to remember the hard work you put into cooling yourself down on a hot and humid Mohawk Valley day.

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