Meet the Tastemakers, a series of pop-up events at Tatler Dining Kitchen taking place in May

By Charmaine Mok

By Charmaine Mok

May 14, 2021

Promotion: May 17 to 30, 2021

To celebrate the launch of the list of Asia’s Most Influential: Tastemakers in Hong Kong, Tatler Dining presents a series of pop-up events at Tatler Dining Kitchen, each showcasing the philosophy and work of various Tastemakers.

Last May, Tatler Asia launched its inaugural list of Tastemakers as part of Asia’s Most Influential Series – a roll call of the region’s most cutting-edge, original and impactful F&B personalities. It’s a list where you’ll see founders of culinary charities alongside wacky wine lovers, visionary mixologists with seasoned chefs, and all the food creatives in between.

But the list isn’t just a list – it’s a community, and that’s why we’re bringing together a cross-section of 2021 Hong Kong Tastemakers for a series of intimate dining events at the Tatler Dining Kitchen from May 17-30. . Each experience is underscored by the spirit of collaboration, with Tastemakers from different disciplines working with each other to create dishes and drinks that reflect each other’s strengths, concerns and philosophies.

Learn more about each Tastemaker event below and be sure to follow Tatler Dining on Instagram for the latest ticket cuts.

The Provocateurs

With Lorenzo Antinori (Caprice Bar), Josh & Caleb Ng (Cut Sando Bar) and Jason Cohen (Nomad Caviar)

Who said caviar was just for the food? Leave old paradigms behind and experience those old luxuries in a new way at our Tastemakers Kickoff Event which sees Josh and Caleb Ng from the newly opened Cut Sando Bar, along with Chef Son Pham, take the helm of Tatler Dining Kitchen to present a small bite and menu sandos incorporated with farm-to-table brand caviar Nomad by Jason Cohen. Meanwhile, mad mixologist Lorenzo Antinori of Caprice Bar will create delectable and irreverent cocktails inspired by food and wine pairings, including items such as Doritos in a tequila-based libation and a specially crafted house caviar “liqueur”. for the event. Expect the unexpected from these culinary provocateurs.

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The tastes of a distant house

With Alison Tan (co-founder, Otium), Tegan Smyth (Table Of Two Cities) and Antonio Lai (Quinary)

Since 2016, Table of Two Cities has sought to tell the untold stories of refugees in Hong Kong through food, based on the idea that a shared meal can bring two sides of a tale together on one table. In this first-ever collaboration, Alison Tan, co-founder and culinary designer of Smyth and Experimental Supper Club, will ask three refugee cooks questions about the flavors they associate with their home of origin and what they associate with Hong Kong. The artistic intention of this dinner is to explore how smells and tastes evoke and anchor us in the feelings of home, as well as to center the journey of these refugees using their kitchens to build their home. To complete the experience, experimental mixologist Antonio Lai from Quinary, who will bring his sensitive approach to flavor and storytelling through the drink to the melee. The event will erase boundaries, showcasing survival and community through three cooks, three trips and three cocktails and small plates.

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Long-lasting maintenance

With Richard and Fiona Ekkebus (Amber) and Agung and Laura Prabowo (Penicillin)

Discover a new side of award-winning chef Richard Ekkebus as he joins forces with his wife Fiona to cook a heartwarming feast from Mauritius, the island nation they called home for many years before opening Amber. Joining them will be another dynamic husband and wife duo: longtime Ekkebus collaborator and master mixologist Agung Prabowo and Laura Prabowo from Asia’s most sustainable bar, Penicillin, all of whom celebrate the marriage of local produce and flavor. tropical.

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