Neighboring Town Brings Local Culinary Traditions to Shanghai


Taizhou City in neighboring Jiangsu Province has been cooking up a feast in Shanghai for the past week.

The week-long food festival kicked off on Sunday in historic Qibao City, Minhang District, under the leadership of Taizhou authorities.

At the city’s cultural heritage food bazaar, a variety of Taizhou delicacies such as dried pork, Jingjiang xiehuang tangbao (steamed dumpling filled with crab roe), Huangqiao heckle (baked buns) and Taizhou gansi (dried and sliced ​​soybean curd) are in the spotlight.

Connoisseurs of these culinary arts have shown their skills at the market. They also showed how a xiehuang tangbao is made.

Ti Gong

Taizhou chef shows off his skills in manufacturing xiehuang tangbao in Shanghai.

Neighboring Town Brings Local Culinary Traditions to Shanghai

Ti Gong

Rich in chicken broth and tender with crab meat, Jingjiang’s signature steamed meatballs are a bigger and grander version of the famous xiaolongbao (steamed pork balls).

Taizhou’s cultural and innovative products are showcased at the Bell Tower Square in Qibao City, and people are welcome to taste xiehuang tangbao free at Qibao Old Restaurant on weekdays.

The delicacies of the city prepared by local chefs will also be served at the restaurant.

Taizhou is a foodie’s paradise with other delicacies such as fish soup noodles and Qinhu eight-course banquets.


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