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On the 23rd floor of the Hilton Shenzhen Futian Hotel, is Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant which serves Chiu Chow and Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant has also just finished renovations!

In line with the ‘Hilton Chinese Chef’s Month ”promotion launched across all Hilton hotels in China, a gala dinner was recently held to introduce the restaurant’s new menu and further convey Hilton’s culture surrounding food.

The upgraded Lan Ting restaurant aims to please diners with a rich collection of Chiu Chow dishes, which feature the use of Asian and Western ingredients, fusion cooking methods, Western-style plating, and surprising creations based on Chiu Chow culinary traditions. At the core of Hilton’s philosophy is serving high-quality food using seasonal ingredients; following the characteristics of local cuisines; and showing the innovation and pure taste of the dishes under the precise production temperature.

For an appetizer, the foie gras mousse is recommended. The French foie gras is slowly cooked at a low temperature, and beet juice is used for the color. Without adding any food coloring, the dish is healthy, delicious and pleasant to the eyes.

Also recommended is the black truffle scallop, which uses the Chile scallop and is served with a homemade black truffle sauce and a touch of yellow mustard to enhance the freshness and aroma.

The lobster tata with caviar is a fusion dish. The lobster is baked at 58 degrees Celsius and naturally cooled to make the meat crispy, and served with caviar and passion fruit foam for a tangy taste. WechatIMG543.jpeg

Do not miss the M9 + Wagyu beef with rock salt and black pepper fried on volcanic stone. The beef is selected from M9 + grade Wagyu beef, and guests can hand-fry the beef on the volcanic stone.

Following the main course, the fish soup with handmade yam noodles is a must-have. The fish is fried and boiled in a meticulous process to make it fresh but not fishy, ​​and the black truffle is cleverly used to season the freshness, with the handmade yam noodles a clever combination. WechatIMG546.jpeg

Lastly try the avocado ice cream with bird’s nest, the avocado is fused with different flavors of ice cream every day in house.

[All images courtesy of Hilton Shenzhen Futian Hotel]

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