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No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of plant-based and meat-based diets, the new branch of the Just Vegan chain that opened in Jumeirah last month is sure to move the needle, at least a little. , towards the greener side. The ethos of cooking is reflected in their menu, filled with sustainable food options, catering to a wide variety of food preferences. Making its quest for healthy but delicious food considerably more accessible, Just Vegan Jumeirah brings the concept of a plant-based vegan diet to life, with an all-green, nature-inspired decor, transporting you to Mother Nature’s lap, while sitting inside.

In addition to serving foods rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables, Just Vegan does a remarkable job of creating unique dishes with meat substitutes, replicating the consistency and traditions of meat dishes. With finger sandwiches like Avo BLT, a vegan omelet made from Proteiz, a plant-based chick n patty burger and “ chicken ” satay, eco-conscious foodies strive to make this change but who find it difficult to let go of the meaty flavors, can find solace in these plant-based hybrid meals. The restaurant also offers a creative mix of non-alcoholic cocktails, with alternative drinks and non-spirits, as part of their “ understated bar menu, ” like A Place in the Sun and sparkling chardonnay. To end your perfect evening indulging in some eco-friendly delicacies, Just Vegan has a plethora of vegan desserts, which are just as delicious as their sweet and dairy counterparts, but much healthier! Despite their chocolate brownies, mango pies or creamy cupcakes, you will be spoiled for choice.

Taste: Plant-based treats taste as good as they look, oozing with a burst of colorful acidity. Made up of the latest ingredients from the vegan world, from succulent meat substitutes to dairy-free and gluten-free treats, you can enjoy traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Atmosphere: There’s a lot of greenery in this newly opened branch of Just Vegan. Overlooking bustling Jumeirah Street, the restaurant will allow you to disconnect from the outside world and tune in to a serene dining experience, while consciously savoring the flavors of freshness.

Service: From the always-on staff to the connoisseur of herbal diet chef Suresh Baabu, the Just Vegan experience is as much a dose of information on veganism as it is a culinary journey. The staff respond quickly to any doubts you may have about your dietary preferences.

Overview: If you’re a more ethical citizen and making sustainable food choices, you might as well flaunt it, hoping to inspire one or two people. And Just Vegan’s aesthetically arranged dishes make that easy seamlessly, with innovative accessories that complement the delicious cooking, ready to be photographed for your Insta grill.

Covid Consciousness: With two dining options and ample space between tables, the restaurant makes it a Covid-friendly restaurant. Disinfectants are amply available for frequent Covid-frenzy disinfectors, to enjoy a socially distant meal.

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