This book celebrates more than 500 culinary traditions around the world


One of the best parts of the trip is arguably the food. Whether you’re enjoying locally sourced fish by the beach, eating at an upscale restaurant with authentic national cuisines everyone’s talking about, or picking up some street food you’ve stumbled upon late in the day. at night, there’s no denying that the food you eat has an impact on your stomach, your experience, and your life. Eating is what binds every human being in the world. And now, more than ever, people around the world are eager to share their culinary experiences with each other through social media. In fact, there’s a team of writers, editors, travel planners, and more who are captivated by food – and together they run Gastro Obscura, a site dedicated to all things food.

The Gastro Obscura team has inspired wonder in the world through food since its launch in 2017. The quirky food publication shares the history, culture and surprising stories behind the way we eat and drink through articles , recipes, global guides, online courses and so much more. And now they’ve released their first book, aptly titled Gastro Obscura: Gastronomic Adventurer’s Guide.

Foodie Guide

This epic book takes its readers on a journey around the world as it showcases the global diversity of food, ingredients and culture. Like a mouth-watering tapas evening with friends, Gastro Obscura takes readers on a whirlwind expedition of more than 500 dishes and culinary traditions from around the world in bite-size portions. Each paragraph has something for every foodie, whether it’s a treat for the kids, an easy comfort food for young adults, or a unique recipe for the connoisseur with a brave heart. Some of the recipes are ancient dishes, passed down through generations of cooks and families, while others are contemporary versions of outdated dishes similar to those we enjoy today.

Inside the kitchen you’ll find the book makers behind this project. Within the fleshy 440-page hardback cover are the contributions of writer and novelist Cecily Wong and Dark atlas co-founder Dylan Thuras, as well as the ensemble Gastro Obscura team, as well as talented freelance writers. Reading this book will be like a stomach trip, page by page, with photos, illustrations and colorful layouts, inviting you to see what else is on the menu.

Gastro Obscura: Gastronomic Adventurer’s Guide is now available for purchase at most bookstores, including Bookshop, where you can assist an independent bookstore with your purchase (at no additional cost).

Take your stomach on a wild journey with Gastro Obscura: Guide for the gastronomic adventurer!

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