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Times Most Influential Personalities 2021 powered by ET Ascent praised the work of 51 influencers who have contributed to the growth of the nation and society as a whole. Held at the JW Marriott in Mumbai on Wednesday July 28, 2021, the event highlighted the inspiring journeys of these icons. The guest of honor was the famous actress Mahima Chaudhry.

List of laureates:


Award Category – Excellence as Founding Advisor for Private Equity and Venture Capital

Vinayak is the founder and managing partner of VERTICES PARTNERS, a boutique law firm. He specializes in venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and strategic acquisitions across multiple industries. Vinayak began his career at the Supreme Court in litigation, then at Rajinder Narain & Co, New Delhi.


Price Category – Technology

Director and Chief Medical Officer S10 Safecare Pvt Ltd, an offshoot of S10 Health, started out as a network of outpatient clinics with an awesome sports and high performance medicine center and minute clinics. a passionate individual and has always aspired to be a successful youngster by delivering high performance in all walks of life. She took courses at Havard Business School and Stanford University.


Vivek Anand Oberoi – Awarded by Timeless Achiever 2021 and Sania Mirza – Awarded by women for excellence in sport


Award Category – Excellence in Surgery

A physician originally from Malegaon, Dr Saeed has a strong family and practical training for over 3 decades and over 50,000 successful surgeries at his Faran hospital. To recognize his selfless service, the government of Maharashtra awarded him the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize.


Prize category – Best Chef Entrepreneur

Gurmehar’s culinary journey began with The Oberois (New Delhi) shortly after school, to gain learning knowledge. To broaden his knowledge of world cuisine, he continued his studies at Les Roches, Switzerland, then a diploma in French cuisine and pastry at Cordon Bleu in London, followed by an apprenticeship in the art of Thai cuisine at Cordon Bleu, Bangkok.


Price category – Restaurateur / Entrepreneur

After graduating from the University of Leeds, UK, Saarthak discovered a void in the nightlife space in India and created Purple Martini in 2008 for party enthusiasts. Her dream was fulfilled by opening a beachfront restaurant / bar in Goa – Purple Martini @ Sunset point in 2014.


Price Category – Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer

Tina works as a content designer specializing in lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Over the years, she has collaborated with brands like Wella, L’Oréal Paris, ColorStory, to name a few. In 2021, she was featured in the book Rising Star. As co-founder of Equinox Industries, she participated in the planning of the brand promotion strategy.


Award Category – Excellence in Homeopathic Health Care and Research

Dr Ambrish is the MD of Predictive Homeopathy, a chain of 35 clinics across India. Over 150 homeopathic colleges have extended invitations to him and international schools around the world have contacted him for lectures on predictive homeopathy.


Dr Madhubrata Ghosh and Kanika Dewani

Price Category – Medical and Healthcare

As a doctor in India, Madhubrata Ghosh realized that there is a deeply rooted stereotype in the minds of people that shows doctors are old fashioned. She feels that even a glimpse of everyday fashion at work causes a bounce in the stride, a jump and a leap in her heart.

Price category – Manufacturing – Beauty products

With more than 16 years of professional experience in the field of beauty and lifestyle, having worked with brands like Lorèal Paris, Benefit Cosmetics, Pantaloons, etc. Kanika started her entrepreneurial journey in 2016. She had successfully launched two beauty brands Mintree USA and Vedic Valley. His company also holds exclusive distribution rights for international beauty brands.


Yuvika Sethi and Harpreet Suri

Award category – Digital content creator and influencer mom

Despite the stereotypical standards set by society, Yuvika Sethi has maintained her choices and her passion to become what she has. When she found out about her pregnancy, after a wait of 6 long years, she decided to leave her salon business to take care of only her child. A urge to journal for everything related to her childbirth became a content creation quickly that she couldn’t imagine.

Award Category – # 1 Blogger Mom India

An influencer who has carved out a whole new niche for herself, as a mom’s influencer, behind the iconic Instagram handle @momwearsprada, Harpreet is a much-acclaimed name on social media. As a mother of two, she talks to women who are constantly juggling a tightrope about leading a double life; one as hedonistic career women and the other as mothers and wives.


Price Category – Most Popular Fashion Brand

She is CEO and Creative Director of Milaaya Broderies and now GAYA, graduated from BSC in Entrepreneurial Studies and Marketing from Babson College, Massachusetts. After graduating, Gayatri moved to New York City and through her experience gained the confidence to go solo and ventured out to bring the magnificent art and crafts of the world to the world. ‘Asia and in particular India.


Shivam Malhotra and Zameer Qureshi

Prize Category – Music and Entertainment

Shivam founded Malsons at the age of 26 in 2018, with offices in Mumbai and Los Angeles in the media and entertainment industry. Shortly after its creation, Malsons signed a strategic agreement with the leading French distributor “Believe” to promote independent music globally. Malsons has successfully released over 45 original songs in different musical genres and languages ​​across multiple music platforms.

Prize category – Social welfare

Zameer, born and raised in one of Mumbai’s biggest slums, experienced real hardships as a child, but that didn’t deter him from succeeding. During the pandemic, he fed more than 150 families daily in the slums of Govandi & Deonar. Currently, he is working on projects such as medical assistance to the poor and improving the education of poor girls.


Mini Mathur – Awarded Style Trailblazer of the Year 2021 and Zareen Khan – Awarded Most Polyvalent Star 2021


Reena Birje, Joyking Birje and Reshma Ubaid

Award Category – Excellence in Aviation Management

The two founders of NIHAM, Reena and Joyking have excellent education, experience and a vision to impart knowledge and prepare the next generations to come. In 17 years of traveling, they have 3 branches in Mumbai and offer degree courses to PAN India students. They have placed thousands of students with numerous airlines, five star hotels, embassies, large corporations and multinationals.

Prize category – Arts and painting

Reshma started her career as a software professional and worked for various IT companies. His fine art and painting style work is Surrealist Expressionism, Abstract Symbolism, and Spirituality.


Price Category – Fashion

The Mahima Mahajan brand started in 2014 and has become known for its blend of modernity and tradition. Today’s fashion line is inspired by the woman who was born as a pretty young lady, subtle yet remarkably gorgeous, evolving more into a modern, avant-garde goddess who believes in the immense power of her magnificent frame.


Anupria Goenka – Awarded Hot Stepper of the Year 2021 and Javed Ali – Awarded Most Versatile Singer 2021


Mehboob Khan, Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah

Price Category – Best Lebanese Food in Town

Owner of the Carter’s Blue, Mingman Chinese and Massimo Pizzeria restaurant chain, Mr. Mehboob is passionate about serving. It has operated with the philosophy of producing honest, traditional, affordable and healthy food that matches the busy life of Mumbai.

Price Category – Entrepreneur

A decisive figure in the construction of the menswear market in the digital world, Ashutosh Valani and a businessman of blood, intelligence and daring, Priyank Shah, are both co-founders and directors of the Villain Lifestyle brand.


Mohammed Farrok G. Gheewala

Prize category – Contribution to the health sector during the pandemic

Mr. Farrok Gheewala is the owner of one of the best overseas recruitment consultancy firms in our country namely human resources consultant F Gheewala. With the rise of the pandemic, Mr Farrok quickly assessed the situation and created a special team of medical experts who ensured the supply of trusted healthcare professionals wherever needed. Along with his professional excellence, he generously donated to various projects such as two-time meals for the poor part of society and the supply of expensive medical equipment to various health care facilities.


Laxman Koti Poojari and Parmeshwar N. Poojari

Price category – Restaurateur

Laxman is a visionary businessman who started a food business in 2012 with different ideas to promote the Shubh Sagar brand on a larger scale. Currently, the Shubh Sagar group has expanded its activities to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.

Price category – Hotel and catering

Parmeshwar graduated in Hotel Management and has experience in major 5 star brands in India and UAE. He started his entrepreneurial journey and launched 2 well known brands namely Soham Hospitality and Foodlink catering services having kitchens across Mumbai.

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