Upscale Levantine Restaurant Opens at Hilton The Pearl

The upscale Levantine restaurant is now open at the Hilton Doha, the Pearl Hotel & Residences, and will be the “contemporary home of soul cuisine from the Levant in Qatar,” it was announced.

Open every day for dinner from 6 p.m. to midnight, the Levantine’s menu – which emphasizes sharing and meeting – is the result of a collaboration between the hotel’s own culinary team and the famous Lebanese chef. Joe Barza.
Guests have the option of dining inside or out amid the fragrant aromas of the theater-style cuisine of Levantine favorites, including spicy charcoal-grilled meats, seafood, fish and vegetables, spit-roasted lamb and chicken and baking fresh bread, according to a press release.
The upscale Levantine lifestyle is also reflected with the terrace where signature Moroccan tea will be served to pay homage to Maghreb traditions.
“True to true Levantine traditions, this restaurant is the perfect setting for families and friends to get together at the end of a day or during the weekend and celebrate their relationships around great food and in good company. », Declared Hassan El Wahidi, general manager of the hotel.
With an environment that “blends perfectly” with Arab culture, Levantine offers a fine dining experience with grilled meats and locally inspired artisan treats. Levantine’s menu is really varied and offers a range of traditional dishes from the Levant region with a creative twist. “Its hummus collection should be a main attraction with four mouth-watering choices to suit all tastes: traditional bi tahine hummus, basil hummus with arugula pesto, pistachio hummus and bil lahmeh hummus with chickpeas and lamb,” the statement noted. .
Other noteworthy menu selections include an exquisite grilled catch of the day – a preparation of fennel and lime; Grilled octopus – made from lemon and garlic jam; and Grilled Jumbo Shrimp – a mixture of red pepper paste, cumin and cilantro and roast leg of lamb, a great sharing option for 3-4 diners.
Customers can also savor the traditional Lebanese sausage, makanek, or opt for a range of fresh vegetarian options before delving into a selection of the best desserts, the statement added.

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