Watch 13 cute ducklings roam the hallway inside this New York school

The first thing you will see when watching the video below is the mother duck and her ducklings are not wearing masks. They’re also walking the wrong COVID-19 safety lane and they’re clearly not socially left behind at Myles Elementary School in New Hartford, NY. I guess they heard that the CDC lifted most restrictions as long as people (and ducks) were vaccinated.

Yes, what you will see in the video are 13 ducklings and their mother Mallard Duck in upstate New York, seeing an opportunity and committing the poultry act of going through an open door and visiting the school which they called home for the last several years.

Myles Primary School was built in 1958 and the architect included a courtyard, surrounded by 4 walls and including a garden, benches and a pond. Over the past decade, mallards have decided to breed in the backyard pond, which can in fact serve as the most fortified nesting area for any duck bringing newly hatched ducklings into this dangerous world.

Photo by Alison Keeler for WIBX

Think about it. The courtyard is completely surrounded by 4 brick walls; it is absolutely secure because no one can enter and the ducks cannot exit until they are ready to fly. Add to that the fact that inside these four walls, you will find around thirty primary school teachers who naturally feed the young people. Add a school nurse and a few animal-loving caretakers, and now you have the safest place in the world for a Mallard mom to raise her ducklings. This has been happening every spring for several years at Myles.

Each year, teachers and students observe and assist Mother Mallard. Lessons are taught and students see Mother Nature at her best, up close. Even last year, during the COVID-19 shutdown, it was said that several front office staff were dealing with the ducks when the school was completely remote. As in previous years, ducks thrived last year, even during the pandemic, as ducklings matured and soared into the wild.

Now we’ll explain why 13 ducklings roam the halls of Myles Elementary School with their mother duck watching with a watchful eye. The point is that when the students were not at school, the guard did some gardening work in the yard and opened the door. Without realizing it, the mother duck and her ducklings walked through the door as if they were heading for their child’s room on the evening of the program.

Photo by Alison Keeler for WIBX

The video is a must-see and the best part is that upon arriving at the end of the hall a teacher (scrambled to protect the innocent) comes around the corner and scares them the other way around. For the record, I bet this is the first time that a teacher has turned the corner in the hallway of her school and was surprised to come face to face with a raft of ducklings. It may also be the last time.

In conclusion, all turned out well and the ducks, now known as celebrity ducks, were herded out of the building and returned to the safe confines of their semi-animal refuge, aka the Myles Yard.

A duck that hatched in a yard at Myles Elementary School in New Hartford. June 10, 2019 (Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM)

All 13 ducklings have survived so far, and they continue to swim in the backyard pond for all the children to see as we enter the final weeks of school. Much like last year, the ducklings should mature enough to fly into the wild by the end of June and, I expect next spring, the process will likely start again. In other words, with the exception of the door left open for the “duck program night”. I have a feeling that probably won’t happen again next year.

Watch the video here:

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